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We missed a BIG ONE yesterday!


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Sorry to not have been around to do this yesterday!! :(:(:(

Happy Birthday Nina!! I hope this year is one of the best as I hope you really celebrate AFTER your run!

(and schoolwork)

THANK YOU so much for all your work on the forum, it means a lot to have good moderators!

I feel like you're my PT buddy because we're both reaping the benefits, and of course pains, at about the same schedule, it's nice to know someone else is going through the same stuff and feeling better like I am! ;)

Wishing you a pain-free, stress-free rest of the week, and wishing you lots of restful sleep before the BIG weekend! B)

I also hope you had a very happy birthday, and hope everything you are working so hard for will reward you dearly! Happy Birthday Mighty Mouse! :D

Big Pain-Free hug! :D:);)


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oh my goodness oh my goodness....i am SOOOO sorry that we missed your special day yesterday. what's even more pathetic (on my end of things) is that i noticed on sunday that the next day was your big (first :huh: ) birthday. i'm hiding under my bed in embarassment :P

but enough of that.

maybe since you weren't feeling so hot yesterday today was a better day anyway??? i really hope so.

and hope that you were able or will still have a chance to indulge in some gluten-free goodies. or maybe some chocolate?? and then really celebrate with teri after the paperwriting is through.

to echo others, thanks SO much for all that you've done, do, & continue to do....

happy happy happy birthday to my favorite mouse....even though it's a bit tardy :P

B) melissa

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Another tardy birthday wish!!! :ph34r: I hope you had a great birthday and got awesome presents!! LOL Thank you for all of your help, you have been sooo very helpful and although POTS stinks, I'm glad I found you here. :D

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Aw! :ph34r: you guys are all so sweet :)

Yes, do you like that I put my birth year as 2004? :D Okay, okay, in reality I'm 41 as of yesterday.

And, yes, I did get some very nice presents. I got a bunch of phone calls from friends and family--some singing from the little girls across the street... Teri gave me a really cool software program that allows me translate into Croatian offline, and has many more entries than I have on my palm pilot dictionary. My neighbors gave me a big candle that smells like butter cookies mmmmmmm......all the yumminess without the calories. My mom gave me a pretty sweater and some money, which is always needed--and one of my classrooms gave me a surprise party with a homemade cake. The cake was really touching because I know that the woman who baked it has a really limited schedule and limited income too. Actually the surpise cake was one of my best presents because it made me feel so special.

Oh, and all of you are part of my present too! Coming here every day has become an important part of my day. Here's to us supporting each other for years to come. :) Nina

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Guest Mary from OH

Happy Birthday NINA!!

It sounds like your birthday was absolutely perfect!! Glad that you had a wonderful day!! You do so much for us here at DINET!! Thank you for giving of yourself when you feel so rotten; you are one amazing woman!! We love you! You need to have a relaxing day. A FULL 24hr period where you do absolutely NOTHING. Can you do it?


So sorry for the obnoxious post. I tired to use color, etc. Didn't work!! :D:ph34r:

It was supposed to be really nice!! Live and learn!! Next time I'll preview it!! But, I havd good intentions!! Happy birthday anyhow!!

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You're too much :) I don't really know how to do "nothing"--hence my internment after all my spinal work was brutal. But I like to try from time to time. :) Nina

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