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  1. I loved my job and worked at the same place for 12 years. I worked for two years with full-blown POTS but was so dizzy and had such high tachycardia that I felt like I was having a panic attack 24/7. I tried to hide it and keep on smiling but after almost passing out each day and not knowing how I made it back and forth to work in my car sometimes, I knew it was too dangerous to be out on the road and walking around. I hate to admit it because I loved working so much, but the only reason my symptoms have improved over the year and a half I've stopped working is because I don't have the stress of trying to keep up the facade of feeling well. Just getting a shower, putting on makeup and getting dressed has taken so much stress off of me. I still am disabled from POTS but not having to be somewhere everyday has been my best medicine. I was so dizzy from looking at the computer all day and trying to be professional, that I made myself much worse by staying. I even tried to go from 8 hours a day to 6, but I just kept getting worse. My employer was awesome and they did everything to accomodate me, but I know now it was the best decision. I pray you can continue to keep it up. I just had to finally decide if "white-knuckling" everyday at work was worth making myself worse!
  2. I only take 5 mg a day so you may want to cut it into quarters and start out slowly and work your way up if you think it starts to be too much for you.
  3. Sure hope you have made it home!! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date! You are in all our thoughts and prayers!!!
  4. I started out taking 12.5 mg (half of a 25 mg pill) of zoloft for the first two weeks because I am so sensitve to meds. I gradually worked up to 25 mg and it has helped me so much!!! But the first few weeks of SSRIs can be almost unbearable. Hang in there and if you think cutting down your dose and increasing it slowly would help, I would do that.
  5. I tried paxil for two years for headaches (pre POTS) and it helped a little bit, but once I started having POTS symptoms with the anxiety I have gone on Zoloft 25 mg and it's helped my anxiety and mood EXTREMLY!!! I started off taking half a pill (12.5 mg) and worked my way up to 25 mg in a month (I am very sensitive to meds too!). Anyway, if Paxil doesn't work for you, you may try zoloft.
  6. When I first took Florinef (.1) my dizziness was worse and so were my headaches. I cut the pill in half (.5) and still had major dizziness. I am very sensitive to meds. It was not the drug for me, so I stopped taking it. I instead started drinking salt water (water mixed with salt) and gatorade. I hope it's a better choice for you and you do well on it!
  7. Hi Julia, I have tried Paxil and Celexa (Lexapro) and they didn't help me. My doctor thought with my POTS symptoms and the anxiety from it that I try Zoloft. It has been a God Send. But we are all different. Just wanted you to know that one helped me. I started off with a 25 mg pill and cut it in half - 12.5 mg (I'm sensitive to meds) and then worked my way up to a full 25 mg pill in a month. I feel so much more in control of my emotions and I know my husband is a happier camper as well! Good luck and when the bad times come...just HOLD ON!
  8. Hey thanks guys! This is all great information! I have heard so many different views on this...about getting a lawyer and when to do that. I have heard from my former employer and some of my doctors to get a denial first, then go with a lawyer. I guess I need to call around and just ask some of the lawyers what I should do. Most consultations are free, so it couldn't hurt to ask them. I know I'll eventually have to hire a lawyer so maybe sooner is better than later. I am on short-term disability right now through my former employer and that will end in two years, but I hear it takes that long if not longer to even get SSD, so better start getting with it! Thanks again everyone!!! You guys rock!
  9. I had my 1st phone interview with Social Security this last Thursday and they asked me questions verifying my SS number, address, income and some medical questions. Really simple! So I thought they would then send me the application to apply for SSD in the mail. Today I received papers to sign and verify what I had said on the phone and they asked me to send in medical records if I had them. And that was it!!! Is there no application to fill out anymore? I was expecting to fill out pages and pages about my daily routine, if I could even bathe myself, sit/stand and what my condition was, etc. The lady I talked with mentioned SSD was paperless now or something like that but I didn't know what she was talking about. Have things changed in the last few months or years? Did anyone that has recently applied have paperwork to fill out or was your phone interview it? Just wondering if you ever filled out an "actual" application? Any information is appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hope you were able to enjoy your day!!!! Same day as my brother's b-day...small world!!!! Hugs!
  11. Hi Miss Emily! Boy I hear you my friend. I too haven't kept up with everyone and don't get on the site as much as I wish because of dizziness. So please know you are NOT alone. I too want to be the person I use to be...able to help others and not be the one needing the help. I just have to believe that our lives will one day mirror what they use to be. I am trying so hard to remember the blessings I do have and know it could be worse, but i know there are many nights you wonder if that could be. Boy this Katrina Hurricane has made me know that!!! We could be in our situation and homeless. So hang in there my dear sweet freind. Your caring and sweet disposition always come through on your posts even if you feel you can't always chime in and say what you want to say. WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!! Guess the lunesta isn't doing the trick. I tried it (made me dizzy and heavy headed and more sick) so had to go back to ambien and my doctor up'd it to 20 mg a night if I needed it. UGH! I'm praying something helps your sleep soon my friend. Peace to you...
  12. Good luck Nina!!! We are all pulling for you and that you will be able to handle your official day back! Here's power to you girl!
  13. I'm praying for you too! May God be with you and I hope you are one step closer to recovery!!! Let us know how you are when you can.
  14. Hi Goldicedance, I will be praying for you and your family. I had a very rare cancer 10 years ago that almost took my life but it was a very aggressive bone and nerve cancer. I had very intense chemo treatments every three weeks for a year, two months of radiation and 5 surgeries. I was hospitalized 150 days out of that year because I was treated at a Children's Hospital (I was only 20) and they just do things differently for kids than they do adults. So if I can get through that, I KNOW you'll be able to get through this just fine!!! Keep your thoughts positive!!! If you don't have to have chemo then you shouldn't lose your hair. You'll probably feel more tired than anything from the radiation and a little nauseous. I'm not sure what your POTS symptoms include, but just plain on taking it easy and when you need to sleep, make sure you sleep. Don't try to be a super hero!!! Do you have friends or family that can make some meals for you and your family? It would be helpful to have some casseroles and easy foods on hand so you wouldn't have to worry about that. All I wanted was graham crackers and warm tea. Everyone is different, just remember that you are strong and when the weak moments come, it's okay and it's okay to rely on others. You'll do great!!! We are all praying for you. Please keep us posted on your treatments and how you are.
  15. Hi Diana, I have hyperadrenergic POTS too. I have tried so many beta blockers and nothing worked for me. The only thing that helps is .5 mg of Ativan twice a day. I hate taking drugs like that, but I am very drug aware and make sure I'm not addicted!! Good luck!
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