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  1. I'm from Wantagh originally...been up in Albany for a year now. I have a good GP, but no POTS specialist. You?

  2. Hi, I'm in Nassau County.just over the NYC line. I see you are up in Albany. Have a good Dr. up there?

  3. Hi there,

    Where in New York are you from?

  4. I wore a holter recently and had these episodes while wearing it. Though my heartrate went up there was no significant tachy or arrhythmia so I'm guessing it's some kind of dysautonomic episode. I've had these episodes on and off for a while.
  5. Hi, I took the same drug one time and had such episodes of tachycardia that I felt it had to be from that since it happened like 2hrs of taking it. Then I took it again and it was the same. It took me a while to get over it. Felt like it sent my system into overdrive for a while. Feel better.
  6. Made me cry. Been feeling bad these past few days. It really was nice to read.
  7. I have a rx for bystolic also. I take atenelol 12.5 in a.m. and 12.5 p.m.. I'm waiting to hear from my dr. exactly how to take it before I switch
  8. Oh yes. I have to stop with each bite and I pant. You would think my nose was all plugged up with the way I breathe but I can't seem to get enough air and eat at the same time. Don't know what that is about but I've had it for years.
  9. My heartrate does not have to be high for me to feel bad. Many times when I'm lightheaded, shaky etc, I check my pulse and it's fine.
  10. I also tested low in Vit D.. I took a 2000 IU supplement every day, and the next blood check I had which was about 8 weeks after the first my levels were heading back up. I still take one every day and have for the past year and half.
  11. My dr. had did a saliva test on my adrenals..cortisol..on me a few years ago.... though I had a normal rhythm of up in the a.m. etc... I was low on the charts.. so based on that the report said I was borderline hypocortisolism. I started licorice.(yuck),,I also took an whole food supplement adrenal booster..(can't remember the name anymore), then took a powder adrenal booster-Dr. Wilson's Super Adrenal-. I'll have to look back in my records to see what else I took. I go through periods of being really tired,,constant yawning even with 8 or more hours of sleep, achy joints and muscles, brai
  12. So sorry that you have to be here, but glad you are on the forum. I'm also a fellow Long Islander. I am older than you but my symptoms started when I was about 24..gradually seemed to wax and wane and then peak in my 30's and still pretty much there in my 40's. After all these years I have not really had any diagnosis other than MVP and Dysautonomia. Mostly have been told over the years, anxiety or just "too sensitive" to my own adrenaline. Many of the same symptoms I can sympathize with and over time I've just found to either avoid as much as possible what brings on symptoms (we know we can
  13. I find that I notice the floaters more if I am looking at a bright white wall and also if I am having more problems with allergies and sinuses. I wear sunglasses every time I go out, it helps to reduce noticing them.
  14. Interesting with a happy ending.... http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?cl=11681289
  15. I was not bad on it but when I went off of it, Wow...!!! tachy and anxiety...
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