• October is59d67d0b44cc4_verticallogo_homePage.jpg.5b1bfe3345598d187b5ad6cd1a4b6619.jpg Awareness Month!

    5 years & 11 months from onset to diagnosis - almost SIX YEARS waiting for treatment! Clearly awareness of dysautonomia is gravely needed.

    DINET is continuing to support patients & spread awareness, but without volunteers & donations we can't exist.  So please consider taking the challenge!

    Take the 5 Eleven Challenge.  #1  Identify 5 people in your life that need better awareness of the illness  #2 Download, email or hand them an info sheet that fits them best  #3 Give them the sheet & ask them to support you & DINET by making a small donation   #4 They can donate using the PayPal Giving Fund or one of the ways on the donate page.  

    It's that easy to make an impact.  We need you to take the step and take the challenge today!

    * Our goal is to inspire each person to donate at least $10 So each member is contributing a total of $50  This is the fundraising goal, however, DINET is greatly appreciative of all donations made to our work.   Sincere Thanks.

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Information Guides


Below are packets of information designed to help people living with dysautonomia.  The POTS Guide for kids was created to be used as a handout for your child's teacher, coach, tutor, school nurse, their best friend's mom, or anyone else that may be responsible for your child when you are not there. There are links to pdfs in each article to make it easier to print, email or share.  The second guide is to help patients with tips to prepare for a visit to the ER or a new medical provider.  The 3rd is a guide to help your family and friends understand your illness and help you live with it together.

POTS GUIDE - for the family of children & teens living with POTS

I know a kid who has POTS  

Hydration and POTS


Preparing for the ER and new medical visits

Information Sheets.


A guide for family and friends


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