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  1. I've gotten both the "jerk-awakes" and the "almost passing out jerk awakes" and there is a big difference to me in how and what you feel. The "almost passing out" episodes while dozing off to sleep are the scariest, as they invoke all the symptoms that mkoven mentioned in her first post (pressure in head, racing heart, etc). It's really awful and scary, especially when you're alone. Somehow I eventually drift off to sleep. Maybe I really do pass out at some point, but miraculously, I always awake the next morning. Thank goodness! Gena
  2. Morgan, in reference to your comment about "We need the Jonas Salk of ANS to figure things out. And somewhere out there is a Jonas waiting to happen. It would have been more helpful to US if he's been around back then, but not to worry, he's out there now, or on his way." Don't forget that this Jonas could be a "Joanah" - a pioneering smart woman scientist who finds all the answers and a cure for us! G
  3. HI Kathy, I'm glad you finally got a diagnosis from your doctors. This board is full of wonderful people and tons of info to help you through the ups and downs of this crazy illness. I have MVP too, and anxiety usually goes hand in hand with MVP. I am 36 and not in menopause, but I do not that hormone fluctations affect our POTS symptoms greatly. I assume you know the basics about drinking lots of fluids, sea salt, salty foods, electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, cutting down on simple carbs and sugars and using compression hose. Someone here may know a good alternate drug besides a beta blocker
  4. I'm sorry you've had such a rough go of it. Have you documented how low your BP gets? And have you told your doctor that you experience symtpoms during yardwork (in other words, situations besides those that would cause "panic")I agree with Katherine in trying to increase your water and salt intake, driniking electrolytes, etc.. Hopefully that will improve your symptoms until you can find a specialist in POTS or an electrophysiologist. Anxiety and panic attacks are experienced more frequently by those with MVP and any type of dysatuonomia, but what most doctors don't understand, is that they a
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