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  1. Hi Lisa, There could be so many reasons for why you're feeling the way you do, and I would encourage you to find a doctor who is willing to work together with you to figure it out. Sometimes it's a matter of finding better treatments through trial and error (under care of a doctor). Other times, there's a problem that has yet to be diagnosed and addressed. I will tell you that in the years I've been on this site, that many people here share some or all of your symptoms. I would encourage you to ask your questions of others here, either in topics you see that interest you, or start your own to
  2. skin rashes can also come from other things like your laundry detergent, soap, lotion, shampoo, etc. Did you change anything like that recentlY?
  3. Also, keep in mind that some stomach remedies also contain asprin, especially the ones that fizz in water like Alka Seltzer. I'm actually seeing a subspecialist soon for my gi issues--persistent break through reflux despite multiple medications (nexium 2x day, pepcid at night with the nexium, plus benedryl 50mg, singulair, and zyrtec daily; and i have a long list of medication reactions too. I will be asking the new guy about the possibility that this is histamine problem.
  4. My favorite too... I'm a thrill seeker... faster, higher, crazier the better.
  5. And, here's another article about the same study--which appears to have been completed by Dr. Philip Low (Mayo)
  6. My Beighton score is 5, but I do not have EDS. Rather than ask you're pcp, have you considered getting a rheumatologist consult? They are more likely to be able to make a good differential diagnosis (that is, be able to tell one hypermobility disorder from another--for me, mine is related to short stature/mild form of dwarfism, although it looks very much like EDS). Nina
  7. I would like to just say that it's like the most effective treatment for YOU. There are so many different etiologies (reasons your body works differently) of the groups of disorders we have here that there is no one clearcut "best" or "most effective" way to treat. Treatment effects are tied directly to exactly WHY your autonomic systems are misbehaving. I have a collage defect, so my organs jostle around a lot with high impact activities like running. I do well with light to moderate exercise like yoga, weight training, pilates, etc., but running 5K could quite literally kill me--the last tim
  8. Please read here http://www.dinet.org/NCS/ncs.htm (from the main DINET site) "What is neurocardiogenic syncope? Neurocardiogenic syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness associated with a drop in arterial blood pressure, quickly followed by a slowed heart rate (Grubb & McMann, 2001, p. 133). Neurocardiogenic syncope (NCS) is also referred to as vasovagal syncope or neurally mediated syncope. The terms are used interchangeably throughout this web page. What are the symptoms of NCS? Neurocardiogenic fainting usually occurs while standing. Emotional stress, stressful condition and
  9. actually, some people do experience seizure-like episodes with some types of autonomic dysfunction--others here sometimes experience paralysis
  10. I personally use it in salads b/c I don't really like to drink it straight. I usually put it on thiny sliced cucumbers, sliced grape tomatos and just a little bit of sweet onion sliced too--I add a little honey to the cider, with some water, salt and pepper. Yum As for probiotics, I learned the hard way that the comercial brands have an ingredient I can't tolerate: inulin...it's a laxative. I found an organic brand w/o inulin--it's called Primal Defense, and has really been helpful in keeping my guts in order. I did pretty poorly on philips colon health...and there was a store brand I used too
  11. Actually, no, it's highly unlikely that they have any real living people looking at the forum at all. Software likely does all of it. And yes, while we have members only able to contact each other directly here via pm, as well as are the only ones able to see your signature lines and profile, this is still a PUBLICLY VISIBLE forum. That's why we remind people all the time about the fact that EVERYONE who wants to see what you're writing here can see it.
  12. Oh, and for me, the most stabilizing things for my h/r are high salt diet, high fluid, and although I hate hate hate them...support hose. Not even the rx one, just some that I got from one the places people here have used to order online (can't remember name)
  13. Yep. I have that too. Not all the time, as I'm mostly in tachy, but I've been sustained in 50's while walking (I knew b/c I was wearing a heart rate monitor). When it's low, I feel horrible--nauseated to the point of feeling like I'm going to vomit.
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