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  • We Need Your Help!

    As a volunteer based 501C3 nonprofit, DINET depends on the support of people like you.  If our resources have helped you in any way, we would appreciate your contribution.  Every donation is used to provide programs, support research and give us the ability to respond personally to everyone who asks a question or needs guidance. In order to continue offering support, education, and awareness to the dysautonomia community we need your help.  Please DONATE TODAY!

    DINET is a 501C3 nonprofit organization created and maintained by volunteers living with dysautonomia.

    Why Donate?

    Together we can fight dysautonomia.  The Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET) provides support to patients and caregivers living with dysautonomia.

    Support  Our moderated patient forum gives patients and caregivers a way to connect and share very personal symptoms and treatment anonymously.  DINET staff answers every email personally - from the newly diagnosed needing information and words of encouragement to the long-established member looking for new research.  We are there to help.

    Education  The DINET website features thousands of articles about dysautonomia and living with chronic illness.  Our Social Media platforms feature links to new research and information about all facets of dysautonomia and the primary illnesses associated with the disorder.  Our YouTube channel features over 80 original videos about dysautonomia along with our DINET Dyscussions program featuring experts in the field.

    Awareness  DINET provides printed materials and digital information to medical professionals all over the world.  Our Dysautonomia Dyscussions series featured presentations provided to medical students and ER profiessionals.  Most recently, DINET joined a new collaborative formed by the CDC to form partnerships between nonprofits to help spread awareness in better and faster ways.  DINET has also joined other nonprofit organizations in the Long COVID Alliance group to bring awareness to medical professionals about the debilitating illness causing the development of POTS, ME and other chronic conditions. 

    How to Donate

    The PayPal Giving Fund forfeits all fees so that 100% of your donation goes directly to DINET.  You can donate safely and securely.  Donate whatever amount you are comfortable with as a one time donation or yo can choose to donate monthly.  No amount is too small - it is all greatly needed and appreciated. 

    You can also donate by online check, credit or debit card through Network for Good

    You can donate through setting up a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) A DAF benefits the charity and door through immediate tax benefits and ways to plan a donor's giving.  You can learn more about DAF funding here.

    Prefer to donate by check?  Mail your donation to DINET, P.O. Box 10057, Swanzey, NH  03446

    All donations are tax deductible.  DINET has no salaried employees or brick and mortar building to support.  Every cent donated is used to support the DINET website, forum and programs to help support, educate and raise awareness about dysautonomia disorders. 

    We greatly appreciate your support!



    DINET has been awarded the Gold Seal for Transparency by Candid and GuideStar.  Read more about this award and what it means to you on our profile page.

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