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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. I have had 3 ablations (SVT) and many tilt table tests. I am currently 36 and was diagnosed at 19 years old. Beta blockers drop my bp too low; florinef and midodrine gave me severe headaches. I have had a few ekgs lately which came back normal. I just don’t know where to go from here. I think I def need something that calms my nervous system down but I’m not sure what I can take long term. Momtoguiliana-I remember you from years ago when I first came on this site!!
  2. Hello, It has been a while and I am back. A few weeks back I was at work and got severe lightheadedness, stomachs pains, sweats, and heart palpitations. I ended up leaving work in an ambulance. I was in a sinus tachycardia and my blood pressure was high (169/110). Once at the hospital I was told I most likely had a panic attack. Ever since that episode I have been having an increase in anxiety (no surprise there). Here’s the confusing part for me: I have been on 200 mg Zoloft for years (for anxiety); When I take .50 mg of Ativan it sometimes (not always but 80%) work
  3. I drink atleast 3 liters of fluids a day. I drink water, powerade, and decaf tea. I was urinating alot and my doctor told me to increase my salt intake so I'd retain the fluid more.
  4. When over tired, does anyone have dizziness get worse just when you're about to fall asleep?
  5. I'm also experiencing a drop in blood pressure without a change in heart rate. Have you found any answers?
  6. I get the same symptoms at movie theaters. I think the dizziness leads me into having anxiety which of course makes things worse..
  7. Hang in there. I got sick after my 19th birthday. Hopefully you're symptoms get a lot better after some time.
  8. I've been waking up at night with pvcs and sometimes a rapid heart rate. Do beta blockers help with these?
  9. The sun is good for me for a few minutes. Once I begin to feel hot, symptoms kick in!
  10. I had a sore throat 8 years ago and then began having POTS symptoms....I believe mine is post viral. I was hoping that 8 years later (i.e. present time) I'd be fine since that is what my doctor believed, however, I am still symptomatic. Mine seems to come in waves-I'll be okay for a week or two sometimes even a month (by fine I still have symptoms, but I feel like I can somewhat lead a normal life) then I begin to have severe symptoms, like lately, and feel as though my life is significantly affected...My "main" symptoms are tachycardia, severe lightheadedness (this is the worst symptom for
  11. Just curious-I see threads where people talk about the type of POTS they have. I have no idea what type I have; my doctor never told me they type. How do you find out the type of POTS you have? Can you tell just based upon symptoms? Jacquie
  12. I've had my blood pressure be really low then during the next few minutes it spikes up. I was thinking that maybe the body is reacting to the low blood pressure and a it "over reacts" thus raising blood pressure really high for a few minutes..??
  13. Thank you for all your replies. I tried to get compression stockings but my insurance would not cover them and they are very expensive...I was on Midodrine as well as florinef at one point, but I got severe headaches which were intolerable (even with pain relievers). Not really sure where to go from here...
  14. I'll have a week or two that are good, then I'll feel horrible for a few weeks. Then it repeats, back to a good week or two. That's the hardest part for me. To feel normal, almost like I could go out there and get a full time job, then the next week I can barely function. I do appreciate those good times, but I know that they aren't going to last. My cardio did say that I'll most likely have some good times then relapse because from what he has seen POTS seems to come in waves for some people...
  15. Hello, I just posted a question, but have a second question. Today I was standing in line for an ice cream (for my mom, or else I wouldn't have waited the 20 minutes for it!!) and I felt really lightheaded and then notice my heart rate was increasing. The thing is, is that I've had these symptoms before and took my bp and it was normal...Does anyone else have that too? Why am I feeling so lightheaded if my bp is "normal?" The palpitations don't start up right away, if that makes any difference...
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