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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. I have had 3 ablations (SVT) and many tilt table tests. I am currently 36 and was diagnosed at 19 years old. Beta blockers drop my bp too low; florinef and midodrine gave me severe headaches. I have had a few ekgs lately which came back normal. I just don’t know where to go from here. I think I def need something that calms my nervous system down but I’m not sure what I can take long term. Momtoguiliana-I remember you from years ago when I first came on this site!!
  2. Hello, It has been a while and I am back. A few weeks back I was at work and got severe lightheadedness, stomachs pains, sweats, and heart palpitations. I ended up leaving work in an ambulance. I was in a sinus tachycardia and my blood pressure was high (169/110). Once at the hospital I was told I most likely had a panic attack. Ever since that episode I have been having an increase in anxiety (no surprise there). Here’s the confusing part for me: I have been on 200 mg Zoloft for years (for anxiety); When I take .50 mg of Ativan it sometimes (not always but 80%) works to help; I tend to feel really lightheaded for a minute or 2 before heart rate goes up; I usually run low blood pressure wise (90s/60s)-lately I have high high blood pressure readings after these attacks (My dr is aware of this new bp issue and has ordered blood tests and 24 hr urine tests); I don’t know what to do. My prescriber for anxiety meds wants to add Buspar. I’m nervous since I’m on max dose of Zoloft bc combining the 2 Meds can contribute to serotonin syndrome. My prescriber does not like to prescribe Ativan (understandably). However, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to continue to work part-time with whatever is going on. Does this sound like more of a panic problem? POTS? Both?? Thank you for reading thus far. Any helpful ideas are appreciated.
  3. Hello- I'm wondering who has tried verapamil for bouts of SVT as well as elevated heart rate (some days heart rate is in the low to mid 100s and other days it's normal; some days it goes to 140-180 for a short time). I have tried beta blockers, however, they lowered my bp too low (I have low BP even without the beta blockers). I have palpitations on a daily basis as well, so I'm hoping for some ideas that may help. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi guys- It's been a while since I last posted. I had been doing OK for a few months but for the past two months not so good. I have been getting these really bad hot flashes that come at the same time as palpitations and tachycardia. My heart rate goes to about 135 then tapers down; however, after a few minutes the symptoms come back. The other night every five minutes or so I kept getting these symptoms then I started getting dizzy and felt off balance (looked like things were moving). Any ideas what is going on? I see dr soon, just wondering who else has this too...
  5. I also heard if its sinus tach then vasovagal maneuvers won't help. I have both SVT and have episodes of sinus tachy. Just wondering what can help with the sinus tach episodes..
  6. Hi guys, just wondering what helps with episodes of sinus tachycardia. I can't tolerate beta blockers so I'm wondering if vasovagal maneuvers can help with that or is the vasovagal maneuvers only helpful with SVT...? Guess I'm just wondering what helps with those of you who have episodes of sinus tachy. Thanks!
  7. I just got a review and had enough medical info to get reap proved. Definately appeal the decision.
  8. I tested negative for celiac disease; would I still benefit by eating gluten free items or should I save my money?
  9. I think the shortness of breath may be caused by the stomach pressing against the diaphragm when it's "full" of food/fluids. I may email my autonomic doctor about this.
  10. I wonder if salt loading and extra fluids makes it worse? My bloat is always worse if I drink fluids too fast or eat/snack more than small portions.
  11. So very sorry for all you are going through..
  12. Just wondering if anyone else gets bloated after eating or drinking fluids. I can't figure out what foods are bothering me. When I get bloated I also get short of breath.
  13. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I am on ativan .5mg three times a day. Altruism, perhaps you could try something like that? Maybe it'll have a better effect on you? Keep me updated on how you're doing :0)
  14. I was on Zoloft a few years back then went off of it because my anxiety was alot better. Very anxious now and some dr believe that SSRI help with POTS. I was actually feeling quite good on Zoloft before both anxiety wise and POTS wise. Altruism-I'll let you know how I do stepping up to 25 mg. I am going to try that next weekend. How are you doing??
  15. Hi guys, just wanted to update you on my first full week on Zoloft 12.5mg. The headaches and tachy have subsided. My dr wants me to move up to 25mg because the 12.5 is a really low dose. Still waiting to feel some benefits from it in regards to anxiety and POTS..I'll keep you all updated!
  16. I'm not sure if its related to POTS but I have horrible sinus pressure and also get migraine headaches.
  17. I am taking my Zoloft at dinner time.
  18. Dani, I was toying of the idea of taking the whole amount but the headache and tachy on the 12.5 was horrible. I wonder if I'll have the same problems each time I increase..?
  19. Hi Abby, my dr wanted me to start at 25mg and I said no way! I am taking 12.5 mg currently and plan to be on it for at least 2 weeks before I go up. If I go up its going to be very slowly...
  20. Thank you for all your kind words! Today isn't too bad; I'm going to take the Zoloft around dinner time so I don't feel so "weird" during the day.
  21. I'd suggest trying what katybug has mentioned above. Also, when I have severe stomach bloat I try to drink small sips of hot fluids such as decaf tea-it doesn't bother me like colder drinks do. Have you tried things like apple sauce or soups in small amounts??
  22. I'm only taking 12.5 mg of Zoloft but feel so tachy :0/. This is only day one, which makes me feel even worse. I'm going to try and hang in here...
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