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  1. hi guys, guess I am a bit late in posting this, but many provinces are suggesting to get the H1N1 vaccine first, then wait a month for your seasonal flu shot. The H1N1 virus is in circulation now, so it makes sense to have that vaccination first, then the Seasonal flu vaccine about a month afterwards. I understand that the thought is that if you were to have the Seasonal Flu vaccine first or in close conjunction with the H1N1 vaccine, it may make you more susceptable to infection from the H1N1 virus as the Seasonal Flu vaccine preoccupies the cells that would otherwise produce antibodies
  2. Ernie, that is the coolest bike!! I especially love the high backed seat. Looks like you could comfortably ride for a long distance. Thanks so much for sharing the links! I'm very glad that you've got all of your gear (helmet, pads etc.) for the first while it looks like it may feel a little strange to ride on. Have fun and make sure to tell us how it goes!
  3. That sounds like so much fun!! Where do you look to get a bike like that? Be careful on it... sounds a little tricky!
  4. Mary, Do you know how to check your private messages (PM) on the site? At the top of the page you should see "My Controls" "view new Posts" "My Assistant" "My Friends" and "New Messages" If you click on New Messages it will bring you to the area where you can recieve and send private emails to members. This way you can chat with people like Margaret or me more indepthly without worry of disclosing your more personal info on the internet. For me, Margaret has been a wonderful support and has much information that she's been wonderful about passing along. I hope if there is anything I
  5. Hi Mary, glad you found the site! I am also in Canada and had been living in Alberta, and currently am in BC. I'd be happy to share information with you as well.... if you have questions, please ask!
  6. Hey Katherine, no problem at all! If you've any questions when you decide to come next year, I am here for you!
  7. Hi Katherine, I actually don't know where our exchange rate is at right now as the dollar has been fluctuating quite a bit! I imagine by the summer things will be different again. I hope you'll be able to travel here as it really is a wonderful place! Most of the info I gave you I didn't have to look up as I'd lived there and travelled quite a bit through those areas so it was no problem to share! It's alot easier for me to find the info for you as I have a fairly good idea of what is out there! Not so easy when you don't really know what to look for! I'm glad to be of help.
  8. Corina, renting a camper sounds like a great plan for a future trip. I'm happy to share any tips on travel here in Canada. I would certainly want anyone coming here to have the best experiences they can!
  9. Melissa, I'm thinking of you and sending all good thoughts for healing and strength your way. xo Laura.
  10. Hi Katherine, Calgary's elevation is 1,048 metres (3,440 feet) above sea level with close to one million population. In Drumheller it is 670 m (2,198 ft) and has somewhere around 8,000 people. Banff's elevation is 1,383 metres (4,537 feet) making it the highest town in Canada! I think currently there are around 8,000 residents living there. I think the Stampede is July 3 to the 13th this year - have you heard of it? It's a very big deal out here and people come from all over the world to attend. Because of this, if your travel days fall along this time, please be sure to book up a
  11. Oh, I hope it is Ok to post links here?? If not, mods please remove them and I can send them in a PM instead! Thanks!
  12. Katherine, Here are a bunch of websites to peek at (you may have looked at these already) to give a better idea of accomodations and activities... http://www.tourismcalgary.com/visitors/home.htm http://www.traveldrumheller.com/ http://www.canadianbadlands.com/about.cfm http://www.tyrrellmuseum.com/ There are alot of touring routes through the Drumheller area as well. It's a smaller type of town, but every amenity is available as they do cater for tourists so no worries when it comes to lodging, gas, or food. There is a big cafeteria right in the museum and lots of places to eat in the town
  13. Hi Katherine, I've not posted in a while but I check in often and was pleased to see your post! I had been living in Calgary but this summer my husband and I moved to British Columbia. I do have family living in Calgary still and am going to be visiting often so it may be that your vacation will coincide with that... Are you in need of any tourist-type info or anything? Will you be able to head out to the mountains? Banff is only about 1 hour or so out of Calgary and a real must-see! It would be a place to try hard to find the time to get to if possible. Let me know if I can be of help
  14. Melissa, sending you all of the very best thoughts and wishes. Thinking of you...
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