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  1. Mary it will be interesting to see what your doc says. Melanie thx for the suggestions, I hadn't thought of any of those but I especially like the tennis ball idea because we have several here in the house and I can try that right away. I miss talking with you, we should get together soon. Alinvegas, yeah it's like really cold water running down the same part of my leg everytime. Doctorguest, thx I will check into the sciatica angle as this isn't unreasonable to think and better than the possibility of MS. I went to the doc today and he listened to my problems. He didn't really know wha
  2. Ok it's been awhile since I've asked a question and I don't remember this subject being brought up before. These two topics might be unrelated. Last year at times my heel & foot would feel suddenly hot. Recently, just the past 2-3 months, I get the sensation that cold water is running down the back of my right leg. Then over the past 2 days I started having muscle spasms in my mid & upper back, a place where I don't normally experience spasm. It's so bad I can't raise my arm or turn my head. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the sensation of warm or cold? Is this r
  3. Everything Jenn said plus chemical balance or electrolytes. This is one of the first things that Dr. Grubb talks about when you see him. He draws a diagram and explains the way the brain plays a part in all of your symptoms. He said that a signal is broken or lost somewhere and they can't always tell if it's going into the hypothalamus or leaving it. But depending on some of your symptoms they can tell what part of the brain it's effecting that day.
  4. Vemee You've been given some excellent advice and there have been some great replies. I concur with most of what was said. I had a reaction to using Midodrine and I've had my prescription filled for Mestinon for sometime but haven't had the guts to try a new medication. I do take a beta blocker that helps with the tachycardia, Florinef and high doses of salt through food, Epogen injections to increase my body volume, IV Iron and Neurontin for the chronic pains that we tend to get. I would definitely suggest that you do your own research for information already done in the medical field a
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