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  1. I've been taking Mestinon for years now for orthostatic issues--it has made a huge difference in my case. I have noticed some side effects (nose runs almost constantly and my eyes tear easily) but I can live with that small inconvenience. I still have much more trouble functioning in extreme heat or cold, but I've gradually gotten so much of life back. I tried weaning off of the Mestinon a couple summers ago to see if I still needed it…I did! It was not a pretty situation and took a little while to get back on a more even keel.
  2. SarahA33 & Dyspatient, great points about taking online classes. I did some online classes through our local adult school before starting at the university, which was a great, inexpensive way to build some new skills and get back into studying after being so disabled. I also took a couple of hybrid classes at Rutgers--we met once a week in person, but did most coursework online. It was a nice way to get some in-class time, but still have the flexibility to work around my health issues. Mplocki, you mentioned that your son was having trouble with grades because he had to miss so much schoo
  3. As a POTSy just about to graduate from college, I thought I'd chip in a few thoughts about my experience at Rutgers University in NJ. I didn't interact a great deal with the disability office because I I found ways to function without involving them most of the time. All I requested were initial university placement testing in a quiet room and an additional 25% time on very short exams to make up for brain fog issues--I only used that accommodation once in a while for the first couple of years as most professors gave plenty of time anyhow. My disability advisor was supportive; I even wondered
  4. Oh, I can sympathize with where your son is--I still feel that way sometimes! The spectrum of symptom severity varies so widely and can change over time, making it hard to anticipate function ability in the future. I've heard a number of success stories from people who had POTS onset in their teens, though. My own quality of life has improved more than we ever expected. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago and life looked pretty grim. Just being able to walk around the house without fainting or being able to maintain a conversation were causes for major celebration back then. Getting out of be
  5. Hi all! Just wanted to pop back in to say hello and share some news. As some of you may remember, about 6.5 years ago I started college (hence my sudden decline in forum activity!). Today I turned in the last assignment of my undergraduate career--I graduate in May! Thank you for all of the support you've offered over the years, my dear POTS friends. It's been a long haul, but I finally made it through! I need a rest, but I'm looking forward to whatever comes next. Cheers, Angela
  6. I did fine on Afrin. My doctor prescribed it during a recent 2-week bout with a cold and bronchitis.
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