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    I love all things library related and am currently working as the manager of a reference department.

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  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to share a talk that I found inspiring. I think it is one that many of you will be able to relate to: Janine Shepherd: A Broken Body isn't a Broken Person http://www.ted.com/talks/janine_shepherd_a_broken_body_isn_t_a_broken_person.html Michelle Sawicki
  2. Hi,

    The problem is internal. I'm sorry. Our IT person has been working on it. We will fix it.


  3. You can read it here: http://www.dinet.org/newsletter.htm Michelle Sawicki
  4. Michelle, I checked my settings and I am still not receiving emails on new posts? What do I need to check? Thanks Stacy

  5. Hello everyone, Nina stated DINET's goals well. The DINET site was created out of complete frustration with how little information was out there regarding orthostatic intolerance. My goal was to get the available research in the hands of patients and also to provide support and networking, such as the Meet Others Program and forum do. I am in grad school now and my time is extremely limited. Many of you have expressed some really great ideas here. Have you thought of taking the first steps to see your dreams fulfilled? I agree that someone needs to do this. Why not you? Michelle Sawicki
  6. Hi, I most likely still have your orders in our inbox. I will get with Alexia and see what has and has not been filled. I haven't received the DVDs yet. Michelle Sawicki
  7. There are two different reply buttons. You will see one to the bottom right of each post. That will reply to that specific post and -if this forum is the same as the last- will have that person's post in quotes within your reply. There is also an "Add Reply" button at the bottom right of your screen. That will add a reply to the entire topic (with no quotes). Did that answer your question? Michelle Sawicki
  8. Hi everyone, Are you guys still getting a slow response after you hit the reply button? Please let me know.. Michelle
  9. Livinstrong, You just need to go to www.dinet.org and fill out the join form if you want to join. If you are emailing me from the forum, then you are already a forum member. Please contact a forum moderator if you need help using the forum.

  10. Please do not reply to any emails that sound suspicious. If you are receiving emails you do not want, you can always log into your messenger area and block the person in question.

  11. Thank you for your patience. The new newsletter is available now. Special thanks to Staci Friedman, Kristen Fouts, Janie Farrens, Annette McDermont and our advising physicians for making this newsletter possible. I'd like to also thank whoever sent in the research abstracts. We have Firewatcher, Artemis, Yogini and Steph06 listed as the researchers...which one of you sent in these articles? Michelle Sawicki
  12. Sorry, I am still working on the site. Give me a few minutes and it should be up. Michelle
  13. I just wanted to let everyone know that I ordered more of our Changes DVDs. I will make them available for free once I get them. Please check www.dinet.org in a week or two for order information. Thanks, Michelle
  14. As far as I know the doctors were just as surprised as we were. The ones I am in contact with did not know of this ahead of time. Michelle
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