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    I love all things library related and am currently working as the manager of a reference department.

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  1. Hi,

    The problem is internal. I'm sorry. Our IT person has been working on it. We will fix it.


  2. Michelle, I checked my settings and I am still not receiving emails on new posts? What do I need to check? Thanks Stacy

  3. Livinstrong, You just need to go to www.dinet.org and fill out the join form if you want to join. If you are emailing me from the forum, then you are already a forum member. Please contact a forum moderator if you need help using the forum.

  4. Please do not reply to any emails that sound suspicious. If you are receiving emails you do not want, you can always log into your messenger area and block the person in question.

  5. I received an email asking to reprint some comments I made during a post. I am specious of this email. Thanks, Lori

  6. I believe you are an administrator, I know you are probably busy--but I have POTS and I'd love to help people out if you could please help me become a member. Thank you.

  7. There is a paper that was just recently published by Dr. Grubb that explains the different types of POTS and their treatments. From Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology The Postural Tachycardia Syndrome A Concise Guide to Diagnosis and Management Posted 02/07/2006 Blair P. Grubb, M.D.; Yousuf Kanjwal, M.D.; Daniel J. Kosinski, M.D. This is definitely one of the best papers I've ever read on POTS. If you create a medscape account you can access it for free. It has this to say about the hyperadrenergic variety: The second (and less common) form of primary POTS is referred to as the "hy
  8. Terms of Service Welcome to the Dysautonomia Information Network's forum! Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our forum rules before joining in discussions. Posting on our forum indicates your agreement to the following: Content The Dysautonomia Discussion forum is a place for patients and caregivers to discuss topics related to dysautonomia. The Chit-Chat forum is a place for members to discuss topics other than dysautonomia, such as hobbies, pets, jokes, photos, entertainment, and family (including family members? non-dysautonomia related illnesses). Please keep all disc
  9. I've been taking licorice root capsules. They help me retain water and, for the first time in 6 or so years, I am not thirsty all the time. I haven't noticed any side effects. I do take potassium and magnesium with the licorice root because it can deplete the body of them both. Michelle
  10. Actually Network-for-Good has it set up so that you can donate by credit card, debit card and even online check. And they send me a notification every time someone donates and tallies everything nicely, so if you are going to donate, please do it through Network-for-Good and not the Pay Pal address that was previously posted. Goldicedance, I'm still not sure I understand the difference between what you are suggesting and what we do. Here is what we do: When a donation is made in someone's honor we send them a letter notifying the person that a donation was made in their honor. We definitely co
  11. We do send letters to people notifying them when a donation is made in their honor. Maybe I should make that better known on the website.... Michelle
  12. Well now I think we've all had a good laugh... Corina, there may be some things about American culture you just don't want to know Emily, there is a lot in life that does pertain to dysautonomia. Getting a new dog would fall under the announcement category. Family conflicts can be iffy, because I think most people on the board do not want to continually hear about someone's family conflicts....but we do want to provide support for an occasional problem another member may have. I don't think I've ever edited one of your posts, so you really shouldn't worry so. Michelle
  13. Sunfish, you are not out of turn....I think you understand were I am coming from. Again I will say it: 99% OF THE POSTS ON THIS FORUM ARE FINE AND DO FALL WITHIN THE FORUM GUIDELINES. Emily, you have brought up idioms again and I did discuss this in a previous post. I do not find anything wrong with you and Corina discussing idioms. You have continued to do so in posts that do relate to dysautonomia, and I have not edited the posts in which you have. So that should tell you something... Do I think that entire topics only on idioms geared toward one person are appropriate for a dysautonomia fo
  14. Congratulations Jessica!!!! He is ADORABLE! Michelle
  15. Here is a post in which we discussed chats: http://dinet.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2622&hl=chat I'm sure many people would enjoy chats, blogs, virtual paties, etc. I certainly will not be offended if some of you branch off and create your own supportive resources. Michelle
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