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    How many doctors did you see before you were properly diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) or another form of dysautonomia?

    Each of you with dysautonomia has been through a time when you were undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Do you remember how upsetting it was when no one could figure out what was wrong with you? You probably even remember the faces and names of the doctors who were unable to correctly diagnose you, or worse yet, misdiagnosed you.

    Now, with DINET, you have a chance to help educate those doctors. DINET has created an educational brochure about dysautonomia geared toward physicians. As a DINET member, you have the opportunity to submit the names of up to five doctors you would like to receive this educational brochure.

    Sample Brochure:

    Front:  Dinet_Brochure2023_v2(1).thumb.jpg.aef3b77cb069d5fff6f35bd1627434d5.jpg


    Back:  Dinet_BrochureBack2023_v2.thumb.jpg.fa7ba402031967861dd23d6632e4ab9a.jpg


    Send a brochure:
    To have a brochure sent to a physician, please email webmaster@dinet.org

    Please include the following information:

    Your Name, State and Country (this information will not be shared in any way)

    Name of Physician
    Street Address

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