• Become a DINET Featured Member. We are again taking applications for the Featured Member project. The project is open to DINET members who are patients and caregivers living with dysautonomia. The only criteria are that you are willing to share something about yourself & your journey that brings you joy. It can be something that helps you cope with your illness or ways you have adapted to be able to continue a hobby or interest. This can be something you create for yourself or others, it can be gardening, playing with your dog, reading a good book, enjoying your family, anything.  This project was started after hearing from so many members and Facebook followers of DINET, about the very real depression and loss of identity that can happen when you live with chronic illness, especially illness that can be as life-changing and debilitating as dysautonomia can be.  We heard from many people, all ages, many disabled, many struggling to continue work - but many people struggling to find a way to adapt and to still find joy in everyday things.   If you would like to share your story about the thing or things that help you keep going even during your worst days, then you can be a Featured Member.  You will be featured on our homepage, our facebook page and included in a post sent to friends and followers of our page internationally.  If you would like to apply, contact webmaster@dinet.org  We will send you a few questions to get you started.  Members are featured in date order from when they complete the application process.  If you have further questions about the project, please contact the webmaster address.

  • "Joining Us" really means getting engaged in our community.
    You can do so at any level that is comfortable to you.

    We invite you to sign up and discuss things, add your comments to a member's post or just read what others have written - it's all a great way to be involved with other people living with dysautonomia.  Or maybe you would like to donate some time or money to support DINET, maybe organize a fundraiser - small or large, a donation of time or money is invaluable to us and we are enormously grateful. 

    Our community, resources, and understanding grow with every new member, like you.