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  1. Hey Steph! Had to chime it... Yes - I get that exact feeling! I told a Neurologist and she seemed uninterested (but then she seems unintereste in anything - looking for a new neurologist...?) AND I have, in the past couple yers, have spasms in my mid back - very unexpectedly that can restrict movement for days. One thing that has helped is a sock with two tennis balls and I gently put it between my back and the wall and genly massage the flared spots. I also have a stryofoam roll you can buy from a PT cataloge and I carefully lay on it... put the end at my tail bone and slowly roll down with
  2. I second Ernie and Morgan... I hate IV's when they are cold - I end up so freezing cold that I shake and shiver. I have to have them warmed or going very very slowly. Also, I think they often use a lower saline solution as a basic IV in the hospital and that may actually cause some of us more problems because though we are dehydrated, the extra fluid just washes out the electrolytes we have. I have a hard time talking a hospital staff person into a higher saline solution and I also do better with the potassium. ~Roselover
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