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  1. Mine started the exact same way. I'm convinced I developed POTS because of a very abusive/neglectful childhood. I see a therapist who I believe has helped me get physically better just by processing my trauma. While I don't beleive trauma makes people sick, I believe it lower our bodies defenses and makes us more prone to illness. I feel like some people process their emotions physically, and illness can be more common in them, but that's just my 2 cents.
  2. For me, I can't feel my PVCs and PACs (my irregular heartbeats) unless my BP is high. Normally my BP is very low despite meds (usually at 90/70) but it goes up to "normal" frequently and then I'll feel my heart-beat and irregular heart-beats. I talked to my doc about it a long time ago and he said it was not dangerous, just a bit unnerving. Now I just ignore them. Hope that helps you.
  3. I saw a neuro at JH when I was tested for Myesthenia Gravis. He had a horrible bedside manner but in the end he helped me, however, you'd probably be in a different department anyway. Overall the hospital has a very good reputation, I had no complaints. Hope that helped a bit, D
  4. I'm not a single guy with POTS but I am single. I've been through 2 relationships while having POTS and dated many men as well between those relationships. They key is just owning your illness and being honest about it from the very start. You'd be surprised how for many people, POTS is NOT a dealbreaker. I almost like having POTS while on "the market" because I tend to attract nicer, more caring people since the selfish ones don't want to date a sick girl. Feel free to PM me if you want any advice.
  5. Hey all, I know this is totally last min, but does anyone in Cleveland want to meet up for lunch or something? I'm in Cleveland for a(nother) neuro workup and rememberd that many on the forum also live in this city. If it won't work, that's fine. I'll be here around this time next month if anyone wants to set up something then. It's always great to meet my fellow POTS suffers when it's possible. -Lauren
  6. When I first joined these forums a member wrote a post that has affected my whole mentality on my illness: Imagine that everyone on earth has a certain amount of energy that can be thought of as a "budget". Let's pretend that the average person has $1,000 in a day to spend and the average cost of energy per activity is $5, big activities are $40 and little activities are $1. It would take that person ALOT of strain to spend their whole budget so they never have to worry about it. Now let's say I only have a budget of $10 because of my POTS. This means I can do a few small things in a day, but
  7. Hehe, sorry about that Morgan. I cleared it just today. I had PMs left over from 2006 so it's not from being popular but more from being lazy Glad to "see" you again Hugs, Lauren
  8. Heya Bella, here is a link to a website about hemipelagic migraines, this may help you. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1142731-overview Also, yes, I also get facial droop during my worst ones. I also have become fully blind in the paralyzed side's eye and will have hallucinations in the "good" eye. Of course all my symptoms go away in time, until I get another migraine. You may want to see a headache specialist if you're having those symptoms.
  9. Thanks hun, I've been so healthy over the past year or so that I almost forgot about Dinet hehe. But I'm glad to be back with all my friends :)

  10. Hey all, after many years of dealing with (and healing from) POTS, I've developed severe migraines that mimic a stroke (called Hemipelagic Migraines). The symptoms of the migraines include 1-sided paralysis/numbness, nausea, severe to mild confusion, and visual disturbances. Usually they are so bad it takes weeks to recover from them. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm curious to see if this is something that is "more common" in POTS patients. Generaly it's a 1 in a 1,000,000 diagnosis among the average population.
  11. Tea, I have to agree with you in your mindset. I spent my first 3 years of illness railing against it, I didn't start to really improve though until I relaxed and just focused on my personal treatment. I think it's healthy to try to figure out POTS to a point, but I feel there is a point where worrying about it can just prolong or even worsen the illness. I'm not saying anyone's doing that here in this thread, and I'm not trying to discourage anyone from learning about POTS, but I know I made myself worry about it to the point of getting worse and wanted to share that as a bad example. I hope
  12. My POTS has gotten alot better (hence me only posting once a year or so) but I used to do alot of video-gaming. It made me feel like I was doing something productive even though I wasn't. I mostly played online games with other people like World of Warcraft, but I used to play a ton of Racing games online as well. Blogging is also a good way to fill up time. Good luck, Lauren
  13. Hi gang, It's been probably a year since I posted on this forum. I hope all of my old friends are doing well, and hi to all the people I don't yet know. Over the past year since my lyme diagnosis my health improved for a time, then got much worse, and now is improving again. Unfortunatley I'm totally broke---living off government cheese and ramen---and am about to lose my apartment (my family that previously helped out with my expenses has cut me off financially). So lately have been questioning whether or not I can get a job of some kind, because it's basically a choice between working or go
  14. Angela I'm so glad to hear things are going well! I remember when you were still too sick to work and it's nice to come back to the forums and see how well you're doing!
  15. You'll be in my thoughts Belinda Hopefully you'll start getting some answers, and maybe even some treatments that help! Hugs, Lauren
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