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    reading,making quilts, sewing, crochetting, embroidery, walks on the beach on a cool evening ..being with friends.. and laughing till there are tears rolling down my face..

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  1. Dizzy are you around? I've read your posts and it's nutzo we have so many issues. Can you please email me at lindsayclem@yahoo.com. I would like to know how your are doing and what your take and do to battle all this. I recently was diagnosed by Mayo Clinic with POTS Mast Cell and have methylation cycle issues bad. 

  2. I've been on clonidine since 2003 it one of the first meds that i tried for pots, I started taking the patch.. the lowest dose, and over time worked my way up to the #3 dose patch, I did not have the trouble with drowsiness that i do now with the pill form. I had to stop taking the patch form bc it irritated my skin so bad. i currently take 0.2mg twice a day of clonidine. It does make me very tired and sluggish, but it helps alot with tachycardia, and adrenaline surges.... hope clonidine is a sucessful drug for you!!
  3. Thanks hun, I've been so healthy over the past year or so that I almost forgot about Dinet hehe. But I'm glad to be back with all my friends :)

  4. lauren good to see you on here! ive been thinking of you ans wondering how you are doing...hope your ok.. love linda

  5. Hello. I am new to the forum =) I have POTS...just looking for people to talk to =)

  6. hello maxine! hope that you are having a decent day..love dizz

  7. yeah i still get these alot.. Im going to go see a dco shortly and push for another sleep study.. im pretty certain that i have sleep paralysis or some s;leep disorder going on..b/c it hapens WAY TOO much for it to be a fluke.. like last night for instance... i had paralysis in my sleep.. and woke up in paralysised.. i vaguely remner trying to wiggle my fingers.. and i felt my pinky and it was like gumby had invaded by body or something.. then with in seconds i was out like alight again and ddint wake up till my cardio came in and woke me up at nearly 9am... some 6-7 hours laters.. i was out h
  8. hmm good question... does having an out of body expereince count as dreaming?? I dream that i pass out in my sleep.. but in the general spec of things.. I'm not real sure.. its possible
  9. hehehe! i'm glad! laughter is the worlds best medicine!! take care.. and seriously talk to your GI doc or PCP somebody about rying levsin.. sublingual (sp??) it does offer some relief.. it hasa few side efects.. but.. does help.. take care dear!! and keep on laughing!! hugs linda
  10. hi jacquie--the same thing ahppens to me.. I will wake up in the middle of the night or wake up in the morning.. absolutely starving!!.. if i wake up in the middle of the night hungry.. I usualy can not go to sleep till i get up and eat something.. I usually go with scrammbled eggs and toast.. or something salty (and startchy--like a bit of mashed taters and gravy..not thbest but it fills me up quickly..) But I find that too when I wake up like that that within- minutes of eating.. I'm a running to the potty.. w/sever gut pain.. the chills.. and major nausea.. or I just wake up with the pain i
  11. thanks.. Um I get the colors even when my eyes are closed kinda freaky!... thank you for replying.. some times I think that I am going absolutely crazy with this POTSY stuff.. and would probably feel even more "freaked out" w/ these unusual symptoms if I ddint have all of you!!
  12. hey there folks! I am wondering I keep experiencing this realy weird feeling while i am laying down. I will be particularly potsy feeling.. i will be laying htere and i will start to feel somewhat dizzy.. and i will at first feel like i am moving (even though I am not).. then the couch or bed will feel like it is moving.. kinda like a swaying kinda feeling.. and then I will feel like i am falling down... when I actuallity I am not..my vision gets very weird during these "spells" .. that feeling of falling or sinking.. get very intense.. and I --my vision- will get like I am just fading away.
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