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  • COVID-19 Vaccination recommendation:  DINET encourages all its members to receive vaccinations and boosters for COVID-19 unless specifically advised against it by your medical provider. 
    To learn more about COVID-19 and Dysautonomia, watch Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn's video
    CompassPointsTheWay_TBnail.jpg.4cdd33a70f423df0d1112bd0ed65110a.jpgDINET recommends:
    Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline is the story of a young life interrupted, as told by a young woman living with POTS. The book gets to the heart of many shared experiences that people go through when a healthy life shifts to a life with chronic illness. This is a worthwhile read for patients and caregivers of any age learning to live with a chronic illness. Read a preview of the book on Amazon bit.ly/3LBK9q3
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