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Wrote an essay on POTS...

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that I'd been working on an essay on my expierence as a writer with POTS and it won an award through my university (only a $100 prize, but hey, good stuff!). Being a part of this forum and listening to people's stories inspired me to take action.

Right now, one of my professors is trying to get it published (I have no expierence publishing essays, so she took over). Hopefully it'll end up somewhere where lots of people will read it so we can get the word out.

Thanks guys for sharing all of your stories, and inspiring me to write about what I've been going through.


Lauren :P

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Evie, The essay originally was supposed to be an introduction to a collection of poetry I'd written for my Senior Honors Project (which is sort of like a thesis for undergraduates), but it took on a life of its own. So it wasn't really for any class. The professor who's monitoring my project read it in her spare time, and entered it into a univeristy-wide essay contest.

Cnm1, I will post the essay (if anyone's interested) after it's been published. I'd like to share it with any who feel like reading it.

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words and support. :P

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that is super cool. congratulations :D

i can't wait to read it (after it makes you famous of course).

inspiration for my book in the works? :P

:) melissa

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I would love to read it! I always love reading stories like that and it doesn't have to be POTS related. I've posted a couple of great stories here; one on Laura Hillenbrand's illness & the other was about a girl who suddenly became ill and it was her mom that figured out that she had Lyme disease when the doctor's were trying to commit her.


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