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  1. lloppyllama, it doesn't really feel like restless leg, my hubby has that. Just a tickly outside the leg on the skin, not like I have to move them around or anything. I was thinking it might be a neuropathy sunnyfish, and at least I know it's not just me. Thanks. Sure does burn, and thankfully the spidery sensation isn't real often...yikes.
  2. Geez, I feel like the soles of my feet are on fire all the time, and they turn this weird maroon color. No one seems to have any idea what it is. It's horrid after I shower. As far as my legs, I get more of a sensation of spiders or a bug are scooting down them. I've been known to rip off a nightgown in 1.1 seconds, thinking a bug was running down my leg. Or legs. So it's not tingling, just spidery...gross...morganthebughater
  3. I just want to second what Ernie says. The solution can be pretty cold and cause the symptoms, especially if they run it fast. Also it's true what they give you may make a difference also. And being allergic to ER's, I believe I would have the same symptoms....morgan
  4. I've just never done well on any antidepressants, but even before really bad symptoms of pots started. So I just think for me it's just another drug where the side effects are worse than the ailment. morgan
  5. Right now just my gastro. pcp can't seem to squeeze me in and everyone else's diagnoses is psychosis, so don't see them. See eye doc once a year so don't count that. Don't do paps, (hyst loooong ago) I mean I go but only every few years. So gastro ENT for meneires
  6. I hate flouresdent lighting, and find in artificial light I don't see nearly as well. I do puzzles and once the light from outside is gone, I can't distinguish colors. It's like there's a big glare on the peices or something. It drives me nuts.....chockfullofemorgan
  7. Here is a site I found which is the other way. This is too confusing, and I think I may have a crisis of some sort or another, like ripping my hair from my head or something..... Where's doctor Watson and Sherlock when you really need them????? http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003696.htm
  8. I guess it is pretty confusing when you think about it. I think I'd go with the 20 points. If it doesn't bump it at least 20 points, there's a problem. I called my doctor today and said if he was going to "ponder" this until my next visit at the end of August, not to bother, because I didn't think I'd be here. So they said they are going to try and get me in this week. I will talk to him about it, if I actually see him and get some scoop from him. I will also ask if he thinks it's an OI related thing, or something not connected. I just assume it's all connected, but you never know. Wil
  9. Actually, since a baseline of 20 would be normal to begin with, it would have to increase by twenty, so it would hit 40. I will write what the manual says, Testing for adrenal insufficiency: Testing is performed by injecting cosyntropin 5 to 250 ug/IV. Normal preinjection plasma cortisol ranges from 5-25 ug/dl (138-690 nmol/l) and doubles at 30 to 90 minutes, with a minimum of 20 ug/dl (552 nmol/l) Patients with Addisons have low or normal values that do not rise. I interpret this as it having to rise at least 20 post injection or you have a problem. My point here was that you could be
  10. Melissa, my hubs has really bad narcolepsy (falls asleep uncontrollably all the time) which he takes ritalin for. I thought when he started it, he was going to be bouncing off the walls. All he does is stay awake. No other effects at all, because his body NEEDS it. That's why I expected a terrible reaction when I got the ACTH, because it was going to really wig out my adrenals and I was going to have one of my episodes, which I hate, and then nothing happened. They said it was going to give me a big rush, but nothing. I believe that speaks volumes. So since I know I feel better on pre
  11. Melissa, sorry I had actually told him I wanted to see an endo because I thought there was something wrong with my adrenals. And he said, well he could order the basic test and that's how the saga started. brain foot. morgan
  12. hey there, futurehope i got your message but for some reason it won't go back, I'm working on it. Melissa, yea I had the ACTH with the baseline draw and then the injection and a draw at 30 and 60 minutes. I'm really not sure why he isn't just saying go see someone, except some of them have train wrecked me. He has loads of guilt because he talked me into my ablation which was pretty much the end for me. I just want to ask him to give me a little dose of prednisone a day because I feel so much better on it (except my gut) I know my baseline was high, but the fact that it didn't even mo
  13. My thyroid has always seemed okay, but who knows, they are changing the parameters, so maybe it's not. I plan on calling him this week and asking for it or for a referral, because this can not continue. Thanks for your input! morgan
  14. Well I FINALLY got my results. My doctor thought his nurse had told me, but she was vague, so I was convinced it was abnormal or lost and since I had it at that horrible hospital that treated me so badly I assumed it was lost. Well, turns out it is just so weird he doesn't know what to do with it. AM baseline is between 6-29 mine was 23 which would be high normal However, after the injection, it dropped to under 23 and the second one barely went to 29. If my adrenals were working properly, the counts should have at least doubled, however if I have adrenal insufficiency (sp) my baselin
  15. Jan, I'm so sorry you are being so overwhelmed right now. Just know that many people are thinking of you and lots of prayers going up for you! morgan
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