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  1. Where's the list? I want to try it for awhile. Can somebody send me the list?
  2. I am being bombarded with information and don't know what to do with it! First I was told a cancer center was better than our St. Joes Oncology and so we went to Karmanos and we do think it is better. We asked about clinical trials for Jeff and the doc said there are phase 1 and phase 2 trials and he knows of some of the various ones, but he would still start with the chemo he is recommnding. One of the chemo drugs is 25 years old! Can you imagine that the best thing they have for people in Jeff's stage is a 25 year old drug? It didn't work 25 years ago so it probably doesn't work very well n
  3. Thank you everyone for your prayers and all the posts of encouragement. It means a lot and I do not feel so much alone because of all of you. We went to Karmanos yesterday. Basically we got the same prognosis and most likely they would treat with chemo. They also scoped his larynx and phaynx because sometimes this kind of cancer is found there too, but that was clear. Jeff has decided to go there for his care. On Monday he gets a liver biopsy on the very very slim chance that all those spots on his liver are something other than cancer--that would mean he could have more treatment choices. The
  4. doing terrible this morning. Go to Karmanos this afternoon. Don't want to go through another doctor talking to us like that last one did. Michigan Jan
  5. thank you for your support everyone. It means a lot right now. Sunfish, We will be praying for Jeff specifically on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. - 9 Eastern Time. Anyone who joins in then is appreciated, but I appreciate prayers any time. Today we went to the oncologist. He looked at the CT scans with us. The cancer has not grown across the esphogus but down into the stomach and the raw area has been bleeding and Jeff is a bit anemic. He has several areas in his liver and the lymph nodes are most likely affected. His stomach looks very small. Part of it is taken up with the tumor that has grown d
  6. Today we drove to Toledo (must have gone right by Julie's!) to meet out daughter and her husband for Father Day lunch at a hOme Town Buffet. I startede having big palpations during dinner. I have had a pain in the middle of my chest for last 2 weeks and my whole gastro-intestional system is upset. My house is messy. I do not want to clean it up. I do not want to clean or cook. I think a messy house is depressing but just don't want to touch it because I feel so bad physically. Last night the mess must have bothered Jeff because he cleaned up the kitchen. Made mee feel bad I didn't do it. When
  7. Okay, I am not doing real well now. It is a good feeling to read all the posts that you are all sending good wishes our way. If anyone would like to do a job for me that I don't feel like doing right now, I would like to have as many people as possible praying for both of us at the same time. Like a vigil for a specified length of time on a sepcified date at say, Eastern Time. Perhaps in the evening and perhaps this coming week. Would any one take this on and organize it? I did this a few years ago for Jonathan and He later reported that it meant a lot and that he felt the support during the t
  8. Just got home from a long day. The cancer had spread. It is in 2 places in his liver as well as the esophogus and he has swollen lymph glands around the aorta. so no surgery to remove the tumor. going to the oncologist on Monday, will start treatment soon. some time soon i am going to ask for a prayer vigil for a certain time and plan it out maybe for one of his treatment times and I want everyone to pray at the same time, whenever it is set for. For those who posted and said you don't pray, I don't care if it is a prayer to God, just some kind of a prayer. I think that kind works, too. Ple
  9. My husband was diagnosed yesterday with cancer of the esophogus. We are going this morning for a CAT scan to see if the cancer has spread. It if has spread he will see an oncologist for radioation and chemo. If it has not spread he should see a surgeon to have it removed. Please pray that it has not spread! Please be with me in spirit today as I go with him for his test. Yesterday was just awful. The gastro who did the scope told us that he has the cancer and even though he did the biopsy, he already knows what it is. The question is where else it might be. Please Start praying now and keep i
  10. I agree with Geneva about the cool vest. I have one. The cooling neck wraps don't do a thing for me. After about 5 minutes they get warm from the heat given off by my neck. However, I do like a dishtowl with ice rolled up in it and then wet the towel and wear it around my neck in addition to the cool vest on my body. Those two things together do help. I also agree with Geneva that if you get a cool vest, get one with a zipper. Mine is white. I would definitely get a light color and not a dark one. I keep my vest in the fridge all the time, just pop it out and wear it when needed, then put it b
  11. Ernie, I am thinking of you. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Michigan Jan
  12. This is a really tough one. I manage to stay around 160 pounds or a little less and I am 5' 8". The top weight for my height on the charts is 163, so my weight is normal and I look a normal weight. I have really worked to stay where I am. To lose is very difficult. I do not eat sugar or much fat. My diet is super healthy. And I do exercise. Still, if I eat much more than 1000 calories a day, I gain. And guess what? I am 57. And I can tell you that we need less and less calories to maintain the same weight as we age. So get ready to cut down on food amounts as the years roll by! Such good ne
  13. Whenever I sit, my feet turn purple. The when I stand up and walk, they go back to a healthy looking pink. If I sit down and bend over and dangle my hands to the floor, they too, will turn purple. However when I type they stay normal color. I do not get a squeezing sensation that someone mentioned. Just the purple color. I get the purple color year round and my feet can get cold year round. However, the purple color does not correspond to feeling cold. It happens whenever I sit or dangle my hands down, even if I am warm. Michigan Jan
  14. I have a Medic Alert bracelet. It says: multi drug sensitivities and allergies disautonomia call for list. There is my ID# and the phone number to call. They have all my info on file. Michigan Jan
  15. I have been quiet because I have been too busy working to post. For several years I was able to do part-time office work. It was sitting down, mostly phone work and computer and short hours. However, in addition to POTS, I have multiple chemical sensitivities, and I only lasted until the business I happened to be working for redecorated, or renovated. Since these things happen regularly in the real world, I decided I should work at home. I have been able to work at home on the computer. For the past few years, I have worked as a freelance editor and writer specializing in Language Arts materi
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