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  1. I took melatonin once, and that was it for me! I ended up in the ER. Afterward, I remember reading it can lower BP, so that is likely part of why I couldn't tolerate it. Sleep problems are so difficult! I had some luck with wearing blue-light blocking glasses before bed. They are pretty cheap on Amazon. Some of the other things that helped me heal in general are in my signature below.
  2. I had presyncope when my eyes were dilated many years ago. I was very sick then. It probably affects each individual differently.
  3. @RobinB I was just like you, reaching for convenient snacks and easy-to-prepare comfort foods. It is so hard to cook anything when you feel that bad. The turning point for me was when I had to cut out processed foods, grains, dairy, and sugar - basically everything I liked to eat! I ate very simply at first - lean protein like turkey or fish or chicken with cooked vegetables. I still limit high sugar fruits and stick to green apples, pears, and berries. I noticed improvement in my dizziness within the first couple weeks. I was also low in vitamin D and needed to supplement that. Some other sup
  4. Just want to offer some support and encouragement. Like you, I was very active and then POTS hit me like a train. I was completely incapacitated and stuck in bed at home. This is not due to laziness. It is (from my understanding of current research) an autoimmune disorder that affects circulation as well as other systems of the body. Childbirth is a common trigger for POTS symptoms. What helped me to recover my health back was to drastically change my diet to be anti-inflammatory and to take vitamins and supplements to heal from intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut syndrome). Your dia
  5. I forgot to add that I also gargled daily with Periobrite mouthwash to help my throat. It felt like that helped quite a bit too.
  6. Hi Scout - I had symptoms back in March but was not able to get tested. I took vitamin C, wobenzym, and vitamin D. I also put a couple drops of (Garden of Life) oregano oil in hot steaming water and breathed it in deeply with a towel over my head and the bowl. I did that once a day while I felt sick, and it really helped my chest tightness and shortness of breath improve. I hope you don't have the virus and that you feel better soon!!
  7. It sounds like you've had a number of symptoms for a long time. It's always a good idea to get any mold checked out as that can make your underlying symptoms worse. It depends on where you live, but the Cleveland Clinic has both integrative and functional medicine departments, for example. Seeing a dysautonomia specialist may also give you some peace of mind. I agree with yogini that most people do improve with the right treatment, and I hope you can get some answers from a good doctor in your area!
  8. Hi Sam10, My initial thoughts when reading this were like what Pistol said - perhaps you picked up a parasite or something unusual in Fiji. If you have access to an integrative medicine or functional medicine doctor, they should able to look at the whole picture and all of your symptoms together. If not, perhaps your doctor could order a stool culture to check for anything you might have picked up while traveling. This sounds awful, and I hope you find some answers!!
  9. Hi Hopeful83 - Your symptoms sounds so frustrating. Not having the right medical help has to feel lonely and scary. When reading your symptoms, a few things came to mind. 1) Do you live or spend time in any place with mold or musty odors? Brain fog and balance issues, along with the taste of blood (metallic taste?) can often go along with mold exposure. (Potentially pesticide exposure as well.) 2) The specialists you're seeing don't seem to be able to connect the dots with all of your symptoms. Do you have access to an integrative or functional medicine doctor who could evaluate
  10. I don't believe licorice root is fast acting. However, keeping low BP up continuously is helpful to try to avoid those crises. If memory serves, our past DINET president Michelle used licorice root to get back to functioning. For a sharp BP drop, position change and IV fluids could help, and of course a vasoconstrictor like midodrine.
  11. I feel your pain! I try to avoid any kind of medication if I can (or at least start with micro doses) and am careful with everything that goes into or on my body. You're not alone!
  12. Mine were to repair a 3rd degree episiotomy after childbirth. I've had all sorts of reactions to "mild" things most people can tolerate with no problem - melatonin, birth control pills, metoprolol (beta blocker), antibiotics, CT contrast dye. The list is long! If you have concerns, I would speak with your doctor ahead of time and ask for the ingredients in the stitches to review.
  13. I am very sensitive to medication and did not have any trouble with dissolving stitches, but I totally understand your concerns! We all react differently.
  14. Licorice root will raise BP. It also has other health benefits. The important thing to be mindful of is that too much can lower potassium levels (like Florinef). So glad to hear the midodrine has continued to help your son!
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