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  1. I tested negative for Sjorgren's too but iffy on lupus. I've had dry eye issues for 3 yrs since getting laser surgery to try and "fix narrow angle problem" but that's a long story. After using lots of Tears Naturale Free (no preservatives, and lots of warm compresses for the clogged mebomian glands (sp) I found drinking fresh home made carrot juice to help with dry eye pain and as a bonus dim vision!! I get baby carrots to save standing time and made, first in vitamixer (or you could use strong blender IF you dilute with a cup or 2 of water) I now use a juicer. Please note 1 lb of carrots
  2. Has anybody mentioned allodynia, where normal touch can feel like pain? I've got this. Tight hugs, or even soft massage hurts like heck !! and brings on fluish symptoms later...course I've also fibromyalgia but allodynia can be more common and many drs are ignorant http://chronicfatigue.about.com/od/glossary/g/allodynia.htm I have never been able to use heavy winter comforters in cold weather. Hurt my toes/feet. I dog sit for some friends and last time I was there I woke up 2 mornings at 5AM feeling like shoulders were sore. The sheets were new, and 100% cotton but heavy, scratchy and noisy! I
  3. I've had a goiter for years, as well....probably almost 10. All tests normal...just had 3rd ultrasound...always in normal range but recently I had horrible lump in throat sensation again that almost felt like mild choking...so I emailed my dr and had another ultrasound and slew of blood work as well as the TSH Free3 or whatever the other ones are....I see my Dr next week...I have not seen him in months.....odd how this can all be "normal" ...he is a 50 minutes away or I would've seen him when I felt the enlargement. It even made me hoarse this time if I talked or raised my voice (like to yell
  4. has nothing to do with bladder spasms. Simply a vagus nerve response common in MANY dysautonomia patients. with some it's tachycardia, others syncope (fainting) or pre-syncope. hope this helps. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micturition_syncope
  5. Cordelia, thanks Bella, I stated earlier I do NOT HAVE SMART phone or ipod or any of that modern junk. Thus I need a BASIC wrist HR monitor that is dependable I need something EASY to read due to bad vision and wear STRONG reading glasses! ps My HOUSE mate has an ipad but I find it most difficult to type on touchpad.
  6. I want to HR monitor but if you wear a chest with a beep, can you shut it off? I don't want to be using things at the Y & call attention to myself. I'm thinking maybe a watch monitor if those are accurate. Would like one UNDER $100 even better if around $50. I'm concerned with volume on the beeping too. anybody have any tips or links of what to buy? p.s. I want something self contained. I do not use a smart phone. My house mate has an ipad but their stuff is $270. OUTRAGE. I dont' work and he lost his job :-(
  7. Been using DDAVP for 10 yrs. Life changing. keeps me from being dehydated. Use as needed. never had water deprivation test to check ADH levels..Dr said too dangerous. So we went by clinical symptoms & I no longer lose 5lbs a day from EXCESS urination. Been fine for me. Good luck.
  8. Sorry don't come here much and the new site seems confusing in the way it looks to my visually challenged eyes. Most folks feel worse after blood draws and I am ONE of those. get flu like symptoms within 4-7 hrs, depending on how much blood was drawn. I need to really hydrate, too. If you have hypovolemia, low blood volume, one can be sensitive to having 3-9 vials of blood drawn.
  9. Dana Never heard of WWP issue so did a quick google. Apparently it is a condition that means nothing thus why do doctors bring it up? which is the same thing this doctor said when asked this questions elsewhere http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Eye-Care/Whit...ure/show/988636
  10. wanted to clarify I also NEVER get the headaches with these things. but do get occassional floaters and stuff. The bizarre distortion of vision or temporary blindspots/trouble focusing, are "migraine auras" even if you never get the headache. Also my optometrist says they can happen randomly or after stress or emotional upset.
  11. Dana Have you had a Visual Field Test? the effects your eyes have almost sound like a post eye surgery deal, only those problems are permanent. I had laser iridotomy surgery for Narrow Angles we tried to open up. They blew very tiny holes into my irises in an attempt to help my anterior chambers drain, and widen my angles to prevent closure, and help keep my eye pressures low. I had glare for a long time and still do at night, or on cloudy days. Some people get a white line glare or double vision. After surgery, I had black pepper spots over my left eye post surgery (the rt eye was a piece
  12. I get the migraine auras withOUT the headaches and at times they can be disconcerting. VERY random, rare & intermittent over the years. Sometimes it's like my glasses are dirty and I can't see straight in front of me or if I am looking at somebody I don't see their entire face. sometimes it's so bad my rectangle windows will look triangular. VERY bizarre if you haven't had these visual auras to explain. I have no idea how old you are so don't know what you mean by discriminated by age! Good luck with your eyes.
  13. I had something similar years ago. Had very VERY painful periods and the cramps turned into intense pain each month...soon starting before the period and I would have to miss work and take pain meds. Then the pain meds no longer worked. Then wearing tampons hurt....it would feel like somebody was grabbing me inside with pliers and yanking in some rhytmnic torture. I remember giving some details at one point to my sister (who had had four children) what I described sounded like labor pains. Well, after one clueless gyne missed it, & suggested a hysterectomy...I got another opinion. A wise d
  14. Futurehope YES! Allodynia..that goes along with Fibromyalgia which is what I chalk my hat pain up to...years ago FATIGUE was always number 1 issue..in last 8-10 years pain has stepped up (we know I have sleep disorder alpha intrusion but that's another story) but yea, I miss wearing hats for hours and on bad days cant wear ANYTHING either. Also years ago I had a HEAVY terry cloth robe I finally could not wear as it hurt my neck and shoulders. It was floor length and weighed about 5 lbs. I finally just pitched it...was a pretty dark green but also major cat hair collector so . . .
  15. I've had POTS 20 years (called it Chronic mono or CFS in early years) but it's worsened in last 8 years or so. I used to wear a certain hat of mine all the time if I wanted to for hours at a time. Now it can bother me so I take it off in the car and use while in stores (GREAT for bad hair days ) but I also can't keep pony tails when hair was longer in summer. My "roots/scalp" seem to hurt and or get headache. There's a word for normal touch causing pain but the name escapes me as I am multitasking. I can sometimes wear baseball type caps but have to make sure they are lightweight and loose
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