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  1. I tested negative for Sjorgren's too but iffy on lupus. I've had dry eye issues for 3 yrs since getting laser surgery to try and "fix narrow angle problem" but that's a long story. After using lots of Tears Naturale Free (no preservatives, and lots of warm compresses for the clogged mebomian glands (sp) I found drinking fresh home made carrot juice to help with dry eye pain and as a bonus dim vision!! I get baby carrots to save standing time and made, first in vitamixer (or you could use strong blender IF you dilute with a cup or 2 of water) I now use a juicer. Please note 1 lb of carrots= a cup straight carrot juice. Due to natural sugar content, I ALWAYS dilute this 2.5 to 3 times. This has helped immensely. I made mistake of wearing water proof mascara on Tgiving and fell asleep without removing well. Eyes bother me ever since. I pitched that type and have not worn eyemakeup since and will not for another month. If you can handle straight carrot juice from juicer with a blood sugar reaction, more power to you. Drink right away or within 12 hrs, Put fresh juice in small mason jar and fill to TOP with no room for air. Put on lid over sink and put in fridge. I have also been told adding a granny smith apple (Tart apples, sweet apples do NOT HELP) helps you to absorb the nutrients in the carrots better. THis also helps my dry mouth a bit. However since I wore nasty mascara and bitter cold, I'm back to using compresses the last 3 days. I also need to make sure to drink a lb of carrot juice a day (Diluted, and divided into 2 or 3 doses throughout the day) Oh, if you use a blender or vitamixer, filter in cheese cloth or even better, a nut milk bag you can get online at Amaz. THis is a problem I could write a book on. I would NOT do the plugs or the pricey restasis as you are covering the problem. If the carrot juice is helping, you will know within a month or two but then you can sustain it. I make sure to drink juice daily but you may be able to skip a couple days a week in warmer or more humid weather. I can not because my night vision worses (Which affects my ability to see INSIDE the house on dark cloudy days or at night) My two cents. Ok a buck and a half! PS Juice made in a masticating juicer will last 48hrs or 72 hours MAX. but you must store in glass jar or bottle with no space between the lid and the carrot juice. I also add a chunk of ginger for spice and digestion...mileage may vary on that! Just get the carrot juice in your first. If you mix carrots with spinach you may not get the same affect. I DO NOT. I have to drink the carrot juice by itself!!
  2. Has anybody mentioned allodynia, where normal touch can feel like pain? I've got this. Tight hugs, or even soft massage hurts like heck !! and brings on fluish symptoms later...course I've also fibromyalgia but allodynia can be more common and many drs are ignorant http://chronicfatigue.about.com/od/glossary/g/allodynia.htm I have never been able to use heavy winter comforters in cold weather. Hurt my toes/feet. I dog sit for some friends and last time I was there I woke up 2 mornings at 5AM feeling like shoulders were sore. The sheets were new, and 100% cotton but heavy, scratchy and noisy! I finally yanked them off after the 3rd AM and put softer ones on and slept much better. It is a shame more doctors are not aware of this condition because they should be. I've had this junk for years so guess I am shocked when doctors don't make patients aware but we are not really surprised, are we? :-/
  3. I've had a goiter for years, as well....probably almost 10. All tests normal...just had 3rd ultrasound...always in normal range but recently I had horrible lump in throat sensation again that almost felt like mild choking...so I emailed my dr and had another ultrasound and slew of blood work as well as the TSH Free3 or whatever the other ones are....I see my Dr next week...I have not seen him in months.....odd how this can all be "normal" ...he is a 50 minutes away or I would've seen him when I felt the enlargement. It even made me hoarse this time if I talked or raised my voice (like to yell pleasantries to neighbors across the street briefly!) It creeped me out but like usual, just faded away. It would be nice if the test told us more of what was going on...I've had nodules for years, sometimes more than others. My autonomic dr is an endocrinologist so he checks things frequently.
  4. has nothing to do with bladder spasms. Simply a vagus nerve response common in MANY dysautonomia patients. with some it's tachycardia, others syncope (fainting) or pre-syncope. hope this helps. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micturition_syncope
  5. Cordelia, thanks Bella, I stated earlier I do NOT HAVE SMART phone or ipod or any of that modern junk. Thus I need a BASIC wrist HR monitor that is dependable I need something EASY to read due to bad vision and wear STRONG reading glasses! ps My HOUSE mate has an ipad but I find it most difficult to type on touchpad.
  6. I want to HR monitor but if you wear a chest with a beep, can you shut it off? I don't want to be using things at the Y & call attention to myself. I'm thinking maybe a watch monitor if those are accurate. Would like one UNDER $100 even better if around $50. I'm concerned with volume on the beeping too. anybody have any tips or links of what to buy? p.s. I want something self contained. I do not use a smart phone. My house mate has an ipad but their stuff is $270. OUTRAGE. I dont' work and he lost his job :-(
  7. Been using DDAVP for 10 yrs. Life changing. keeps me from being dehydated. Use as needed. never had water deprivation test to check ADH levels..Dr said too dangerous. So we went by clinical symptoms & I no longer lose 5lbs a day from EXCESS urination. Been fine for me. Good luck.
  8. was dx with CFS in 86 when it was called Perpetual Adult Mono by am Immunologist I saw..then they changed name to CFS as it was more than EBV..then Johns Hopkins found the ANS connection (as had the late Dr. Streeten for years but didn't know Dr. David Bell was studing CFS pts with O.I.) Anyway, sleep centers found I have alpha delta sleep disorder which means very LITTLE refreshing sleep...so vicious circle for decades. Very complicated this CFS umbrella just like ANS issues. But any documentation in tests is always a good thing though many many SERIOUS isssues are dx by exclusion of other things...sigh
  9. Sandy shell. this is the best GF Pasta (was on the diet for awhile & folks that are GF really love this brand) http://www.tinkyada.com/ Also there are good Pamela's cookies that are great though pricy and all sorts of GF mixes easily found. I made a great GF chocolate cake recipe, too. That said GF products go stale quickly so wrap & freeze accordingly. http://www.food.com/recipe/one-bowl-gluten-free-chocolate-cake-209764 (*I got gas & pains from xanthum gum, which is hard to find info on online for this. In store bought versions, no issues. Something about the kind I bought & used to heads up to sensitivity on that) For bad pain & bloating after meals that nobody can figure out, try GF diet for a couple of months. If you are Celiac or have Gut issues, you can see results right away. My neices beau did after only THREE DAYS when his siblings tested positive & he thought he had gall bladder issues..he was very skinny always. Is able to be normal weight now! For pain, neurological or other things, GF diet takes longer. But bloating gets in the way of sex for many reasons. So now, to bring the topic back to sex..sorry for the temporary digression but nobody should have to give up fave foods GF.p.s. Do yourself a favor though & wait a few weeks before trying GF desserts to give yourself space from reg flour deal! p.s.s. If your doctor can not determine what your pain is during sex, look for another doctor. I even sent out letters to many local docs to find my ANS Dr 15 yrs ago. It's ok to Fire your Drs! Just don't burn bridges. If we get emotional, they tend to say painful sex or sexual areas are mental !@#$%? but I digressed, again. sorry *Focus, Soph. Focus*
  10. I'm CONFUSED. IT says Midodrine in the title but the post/link do not mention it. Please ENLIGHTEN me. And is this drug OFF the market again. I don't currently use it but LOVED.IT!
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