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  1. I find myself gasping at night and being woken up by it ... Apart from that the stranges thing i find is a sudden pain in my chest ... like all the muscles have tightend and its suddenly hard to breath .. its kind of like a choking feeling in the upper section of my chest. I have found massaging knots out from between the ribs can really help this (but i usually need a actual massage therapist to do this and while some can manage it many have no idea how to do it). I suppose those symptoms are not really related to yours ... sorry Check with the dr that you dont have asthma or something like
  2. Yes they have been big in Australia for quite some time... i think they were in a rock band called the cocoroaches or something before they were the wiggles Yeh i realise it could be many things, i just thought since he would have top dr's they would have picked up most of the common illnesses by now. Maybe i am wrong... time shall tell i suppose.
  3. I dont know if the wiggles are known in america or not but they are a childrens band who is quite famous in australia. One of them has had to stop touring as he has a 'mystery illness', and i thought it sounded quite a lot like POTS or CFS. I hope for his sake they find out its something more treatable but maybe there will be a famous person with POTS after all! http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=61825 Yellow Wiggle out indefinitely Wednesday Nov 1 18:48 AEDT Yellow Wiggle Greg Page will be out of action indefinitely, as the children's entertainer continues to undergo tests for a myst
  4. Thanks so much for all your sweet responses! My major is American history and i am about to go on exchange to boston college. I sort of threw myself in the deep end when applying as i had to start the application a year ago and i was not really certain if i would actaully be able to go through with it. I had a crash in jan that lasted a month but since then i have been quite strong. Although since i finished 3 days ago i have crashed a little but i think that even healthy people do that after exams? Lauren and Angela, believe me there were many tears along the way but hopefully in time you c
  5. I am so excited... i have tried at least 4 times to manage full time study and each time i had to drop out from not been able to handle it. However, i finally managed it! I know people sometimes feel that there is no much news of recovery on this forum as many times once people recover they dont vist anymore. So while i would not say i have completely recoverd i would say i have made vast improvements. I Just wanted to share the good news with people who know how much these little steps forward can mean It was devestating when i use to try to manage full time but had to drop out, it is so di
  6. I will be living in New England (boston) the second half of this year (aug 16-dec 25) so if you do it some time then let me know and i may be able to make it to NY one weekend. As i am from Australia i have no idea of the logistics though eek.
  7. If i am held upright when i faint i have fit like shakes and my head rolls down and stuff ... i dont know about permanent damage but it is a horrible feeling. Ask your doc. Just explain the the portor how thankful you are that he helped you (get him at ease) then just mention in the future its best if you lay down strait away if you faint. Have they still got you living upstairs after all this? Hope you feel better soon xo
  8. This use to happen to me too .... then over time i can drink again .. sometimes it helps me as it takes away body pain and makes movement much easier ... other times i just fall asleep like you mention .. its annoyingly hit and miss
  9. I get this too. I found the lower the room temp the better for me. (unfortunately this makes everyone else freeze in my house)
  10. I am so happy for you! It is really exciting when you feel yourself comming out of the hole... Who did you explain your difficulties to? are they doing anything to support you now? Let us know how it all goes
  11. Yeh, that is such wonderful news! Let us know how your weekend goes
  12. ok thanks, great to know. I hope you are able to get a single and a car space! best of luck
  13. Kate i hope you find a way to continue your music. We loose so much when we lose our health let alone losing our passions too. I have heard singing can be bad for people with POTs but what is the issue with piano? (i realise some people find concentrating, coordinating, sitting and moving tough) Maybe we can work out a way around them! Amy, can you bowl using a metal incline? i have no idea of the correct name for it but here we have like a metal slide that you put the ball on the top of and then it rolls down and then down the ally. I realise it would not be the same but maybe you could still
  14. Oh yeh i did not think of bunk beds! I dont think they use them but i will definately check. I was going to apply to georgetown but they only accepted third years and i am in the second half of my second year. What a shame we could have hung out heh. I will get my disabilities office to contact thiers... thats all sorted. I dont think i am bad enough to be seeking them to supply me with benches or in room aircon and as i am not paying fees to attend i think i may be asking a bit much. I will definately ask about air conditioning, no bunk beds, less stairs if possible and single if possible.
  15. haha spooky i just rememberd about A/c and was about to post about it. I am going to Boston for fall semester so will it be very hot at the beginning of fall? I have read that all freshman dorms dont have a/c but it did not mentioned the rest of the dorms. I live in australia so air con saves me! Thats a good idea about a single room. I guess i dont want to be anti social but it may put out a roommate if i did happen to get sick. I try really hard not to nap in the day but i do find i sleep in when i am weak (although dont most college students sleep in anyway? heh). I guess i could say its n
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