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Melissa (sunfish) New Update (tuesday Night)


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I just got off the phone with Melissa. She has been through a terrible ordeal and is still in the hospital. Briefly, on Friday she very suddenly got the worst headache of her life (a 10 on the pain scale) but it was not a migraine. She saw her doctor, got blood work done, and had a fever of about 103. On Saturday things seemed better, but by Saturday night her fever reached an unbelievable high of 107 degrees F! She was taken to the ER and many tests were done. They are still waiting on the results of some of these tests, but they did determine she had a line infection. Her PICC line was removed today, and she had another one inserted. The problem is that she still has the bad headache (now a 6-7 on the pain scale). She had two spinal taps to try to determine the cause. The fever has been up and down since the extreme high on Saturday.

She does not know how long she will need to stay in the hospital. She still has a moderate fever and the bad headache, but is getting some strong antibiotics and pain meds for now as a "bandaid."

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Thank you for doing this!

You must have been reading my mind, b/c I JUST logged on to check for an update on Melissa. I have called and left her messages but heard nothing back and have been panicking. So, I just emailed her Mom and then came back to the site to check on my 'period' post...and lo and behold there was your post!!!!!!!

Oh, I am so glad to get a little update but not happy that she is still feeling so awful. I told her she was NOT allowed to be in the hospital for her birthday but that is not looking good is it????

She has been through so much....

Thank you again for doing the card shower! She will LOVE it, as she LOVES snail mail!


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I have been worrying too, Emily! What gives me hope is that she was able to talk very coherently, and she said she had been able to watch a little tv. She also sounded hopeful about sleeping (with the pain meds) tonight. She is always so positive though...so you know you are getting the "sunny-fish" side of things :) She was so funny with her optimistic comments--- said that her PICC line insertion and second spinal tap were the "least painful ones she's had." Also, she is enjoying a private room for now!

What a positive, sunny fish! :)

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Thanks for the updates-- I will try to get a card to mail out. Melissa- you are clearly a woman of amazing strength. I can't imagine getting through a fever that high - as high end for me is around 100- usually low. Let's not even talk about all the other procedures you have had. Hang on and know so many here are thinking of ya.

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thanks for the update.

GET WELL SOON and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i would send one of my beautiful (ha ha) home made cards but i'm stuck in the house, and it could possibly cost a fortune to send to usa!?!

so i'll send big hugs and muchas happy thoughts for getting better soon and a fab birthday

becks x x x

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Sophia et al....

Just saw your post Sophia...and I did get a bit of an update from Melissa today...but I am completely KNOCKED out from this stupid period.

Needless to say, it's a long story, but they have finally figured out the TYPE of infection, so need to change antibiotics to treat it...and on and on.

She's on a morphine pump, so she is getting a bit loopy. Kristen caught her right before the morphine really kicked in the other night. Melissa called me a couple of hours later and was in lala land.

Anyways, it's all a complicated mess and she's miserable...and will most likely be there for her birthday. :lol:

I will try to write more soon....by Friday I should know a bit more and will update y'all...

Basically the infection is rarely if ever found in humans! HOW DID SHE GET THAT? It's called enterococcus or something like that. The cultures for that came back today. It is usually found in chickens and birds!

She did make a funny joke...too bad she's not called Sunchicken instead of Sunfish...and wished it was something found in fish, b/c that would make it at least super funny. She's koo koo la la! :)



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i will be most anxious to hear your update. I google the word you called Melissa's infection and saw NOTHING about chickens but it is serious stuff!

Oh my.

Cyber hugs to Melissa! (I washed my HANDS first and put on a mask)

Hope your period gets more tolerable, Em.


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WOW!!! holy cow melissa... i do hope that you start to feel better soon dearie! my prayers are with you...

and happy birthday too .. sorry that you have to spend it in the hospital though! take care andf eel better soon

love and hugs


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dear melissa,

i can't go out to buy you the wonderful card that i had in mind (whcih would arrive far too late anyway :lol: ) and i can't make you one right now. so here's my (famous :lol::lol: ) singing for you:

(and even the colors don't work, arrggghhh who is trying to hold me from this???!!! :lol: )

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

happy birthday to youououououououou

(picture me singing loud in front of the computer, which luckily can't hear me!!!!, and thinking about you). i will try and send you a card later but for now i really hope that my singing all across the ocean has reached you!!!


corina :)

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Thanks for keeping us updated Michelle.

Melissa - I am joining the chorus of others in singing you the Happy Birthday song. I hope tomorrow, on your birthday, that you are feeling much better and that you can find some joy, happiness and comfort in the midst of a difficult time. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. We're all rooting for you! :lol:

Hugs and healthy thoughts,


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Dear Melissa,

It is too late to buy a card and send it, as it would not arrive on time.

Therefore, I hope you do not mind if I send you my best wishes and hugs this way.

Happy birthday, Melissa!

I hope you start feeling better, recover soon and can go back home.

Take care,

We are looking forward to your return.



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Thank you for the update Michelle!

I hope you continue to improve Melissa-----you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Also praying for you to have a nice peaceful, happy, and healthier holiday and new year!

Hang in there Dear............................BIG HUG to you.

Maxine :0)-------------------------------------------------------------------pink-panther.gif

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