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  1. Wise to the wickedness. I'm easy to get along with. I love good, honest, and sincere people. If you're one to stir the pot, you don't want to do this with me. My view of a "christian" is a person who lives this in their life......not mess with people's heads, cause heartache, then go to church trying to pray your sins away. I don't like phony people, and if you are, I'll know it.

  2. A number of things are going on, and I'm wondering if this can be causing further problems. I can't handle the heat this summer, I'm having hot flashes/manopause symptoms, major issue with my cervical cranial instability, amd worn out completely from the trip to Maryland. I feel like I'm breathing smoke-------smelling it, tasting a dirty ashtray-------------this is crazy. I'm trying to remember when this started. It seemed to happen during the trip to Baltimore. IT seemed worse after the fexation extension CT scan. When I got hom, my BP and pulse seemed OK, but sometimes my diastolic BPs h
  3. Maxine, thank you for you constant kind words of support. You are always there with open arms when anyone of us falls with just the right words. Thank you for being you. : o)

    Love, xxx's Bellamia~

  4. Oh, I also wanted to add that they do have a sitting CINE MRI. I asked him if they had an MRI to see what we look like with gravity, since laying flat on a table with your head locked in one position doesn't seem an accurate test to find instability that happens when a person is in motion using their normal daily body mechanics. Then he told me they do have a sitting MRI, but it was a CINE MRI. Hey, it's better then nothing. Maxine :0)
  5. Thank you--- When I had my chest x-ray it was mentioned that I had mild nodularity mild and interstitial prominance. My PCP ordered a CT scan, and I gave my pulminologist a call. My pulminologist said the CT did show very mild institial disease, and said it hasn't changed in three years. This could be from an aspiration issue, as I know there has been a few times I have choked really bad on liquids and my own saliva. Really, we have no way of knowing, as CCI isn't well understood with EDS as a cause, so it's not investigated any further, or the consequences resulting from it. I often wond
  6. Thanks Mkoven, Yes I do have problems with swallowing, and often choke on liquids. My Missing gag reflex has been there for a while, and during Christmas---(in fact it was Christmas Day), I had to go to the ER for a throat culture. It was positive for strep. The ER doc noticed the missing gag reflex, and commented that he put a big old swap back there, and was amazed I didn't gag. The same big old swap was used duing my exam at the CC. I hope the next appointment goes well, and this doc isn't too "old school", and is open to information on EDS, and how it relates to spine instability. Maxine
  7. Thanks for your support and replies--- I'm just glad he didn't dismiss me altogether, and didn't kick me out of the room when I asked about a part of the neuro exam where they squeeze the fingers. I asked him why they do that because if no one could squeeze your fingers wouldn't it be too late-----so what's the point with that? I know that they check to see if strength is even on both sides, but everyone has a stonger side then the other. I asked about slurring speeck, and the fact I can't walk one foot in front of the other, along with hyper relexes and no gag reflex, and why this wouldn
  8. I wanted to update you on my visit at the Cleveland Clinic. I saw Dr. Ajit Krishnaney on the 8th floor spine center. He sees (CCI) "some" cervical cranial instability, but nothing that warrents surgery right now due to the risks. He said there is pannus growth, but also said it could be an artifact of some kind. However other physicians have said this is pannus, even the NSG at the U of M. I told him about the excessive movement, and the recent headaches on the lower cranial area of my head, and spreading to my right temple. At least the Cleveland Clinic has admitted there's some instabilit
  9. Yup-------------this can be a problem. I find that doing breathing exercises help a little when I'm having a rough time. Straining is bad for me in more then one way, as I have the instability issues, and that enlarged vertebral artery pressing on the brain stem. More then once I've seen stars, and many times have almost passed out. It's also a problem you don't want to bring up to your doctor because it's so embarrassing----but it's one of those that you have to bring up for your own safety. I love days when things go easy. If I just "go" when things are working right, I don't really have
  10. Just a word of caution------chiropractic care on the neck, and cervical/cranial area which is where C1-C2 is can actually be dangerous depending on what caused it to be out of alignment in the first place. I have heard of people actually getting sick or sicker after chiropractic care-----------I DID. I had an adjustment back in 1979/1980 and started having my first bouts of tachycardia spells, and panic attacks. I just don't feel comfortable telling someone to see a chiropractor for spine problems, and I would never go to one myself for any adjustments on my spine----especially in the cer
  11. hello maxine! hope that you are having a decent day..love dizz

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