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  1. Hi All, Just a quick note to let you know that i got married last week. It was an amazing day and i'm very happy. After the honeymoon i'll show you all some pictures. love and hugs Becky x x x P.s, willows, i hope the castle opening went fantastically for you. x x x
  2. Oh Ami, Sounds like you've really got your hands full at the moment! 8 days to go until the wedding too and i'm stressing about everything. still having vertigo problems which i've so far been told isn't menieres but that's about it! Poor Mark, honestly what is it with men? Trying desperately to persuade rob not to do any DIY or work in the garden as he is so accident prone. How's Mike doing now? Hope you aren't too snowed under and the weather isn't making life harder. Look forward to the updates after the big event! love becks x
  3. Congratulations! It's a wonderful feeling isn't it? I get married in 13 days and i can't wait! Good luck with all of the planning. becks x x x
  4. Hi Willows, Bloomin Eck love, you've got a lot on! Sounds like you're getting on fabulously. 13 weeks on Friday til opening then, which also happens to be my wedding day! Good luck love, keep us updated! becks x x x
  5. Happy Birthday Willows! Muchas love and big hugs x x x
  6. becky


    Thanks guys, Saw my GP again on friday and he says that i have a problem with my eustation tubes(?) and i have to see an ENT specialist, hmmm saw one of them last year and he said i'd be fine in a few months! so, having fun taking antidizziness tablets and bundles of antibiotics cos i keep getting infections. Have a new doctor and he is quite amazed that someone can get sick so often! ha, this is nothing compared to the pots, still means i'm off work though so not good. Wedding stuff is going really well though, so i just have to keep positive and hope the vertigo heals soon so i can shop properly!! My mum had to hold me up to have my measurements taken for my wedding dress! x x x
  7. becky


    Hi everyone, I've not read through all of the posts but i hope that you are all feeling well and that 2008 is being good to you. I haven't been on here for a while as my life has been hectic! 1st of all, my POTS has gone, or at least is in hiding and has been since August, haven't fainted since the middle of August and have been feeling GREAT! Secondly and most importantly for me, i got engaged on Christmas day and have been planning my May wedding since then. Like cardiactec, my fiance and i have been friends for over ten years and have been together for the past two years, i was completely shocked on christmas day though when he proposed in my parents house in front of my family when we were all still in our pjamas! Thirdly, although my POTS has gone i have developed labrynthitis again, i've had it for three months now and it's making things very difficult for me in regards to work. if i have lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors it's because i can't look at the screen for long as it's moving! Missed pretty much the whole of december and most of januart because of it and i'm scared that i will lose my job again. Anyone who has any advice on treatments for vertigo they would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone who knows how to stop family arguments in regards to wedding plans i'd really appreciate it!! Hope everyone is keeping well and happy. big love becks x x x
  8. Congratulations! Have you set a date yet? x x x
  9. Thank you for that, The ecg that i had at the hospital didn't show anything, just that my heart rate was slightly elevated. i had three ecg's whilst i was there. i was told they were all normal. However, i still don't feel right, while my chest pain is nothing like it was i just feel like i've a pulled muscle around my chest and left shoulder. I still have a tempreture and now a sore throat that looks like i have ulcers at the back of it. The doctor has signed me off work for another week because i still feel very flu like even after a week of penicillin and i'm takin antihistimes. i have to have more blood tests done next week because she still thinks there is a chance i might have glandular fever. The last time that i had an episode like the one i described i was in hospital i had unexplained temperatures and raised white count for two weeks and now i feel just the same as i did then, only i don't take florinef or paroxetine like i did then. just want to know what is going on. thanks for all your help.
  10. hi heidi, i'm not sure what the system is like over there but here it's just like flop said. i have received both incapacity benefit and disability living allowance both before i was diagnosed and after. we have checks normally once a year but as i have been claiming for three years my next check isn't for another seven years. I have had two checks for disability and even though i wasn't symptomatic on the day i still failed all of their tests, and that was just basic stuff like bend down! i just told them honestly and (tried) without emotion what i go through everyday. I now work and i still get disability living allowance and if i get too sick to work again within the next two years then i go back to getting incapacity benefit at the same rate as i was paid, rather than starting again on the lower rate. The only advice i can give is to stay calm and stay factual. fingers crossed for you. becks xx
  11. Hey guys, i need some help explaining myself and making myself understood to my new cardiologist so they don't stop trying to help. ok i'll start again sorry. I have been fainting again - about twice a week for three months. got terrible back pain because of it and a very lumpy head. I haven't been well for about six weeks, temperatures and feeling ill, but no specific pain, i got antibiotics three weeks ago but i still felt ill. Last monday(bank holiday for all you uk's) i was in the car with my parents going out for lunch, a big treat considering they'd travelled two hours to come see me. anyway we'd been in the car for about two minutes when i got a pain in my chest like a palpitation, but instead of stopping like it normally does i got this feeling like a muscle spasm or twitch but in my heart? is this making any sense? i started to sweat profusley (sp?) and my heart rate shot up, i was breathing normally but i had this pain in my chest like a constant flicker and i felt like something was pressing on me, on my chest and my back. i felt very weak and dizzy and went quite pale, mum and dad drove me to the hospital which took around twenty minutes, by that time the episode had passed and my pulse had gone down to 106. my mum said that my pulse was so fast that you could seeit in my neck and that she couldn't count it because it was too fast. The hospital kept me in overnight and put a telemetry on me, which was fine. they also did some blood tests, but they couldn't get enough (only one vial!) so they didn't do the urea and electrolytes or blood count. the nurse said if it mattered they'd do it the next day - which they didn't. i really want to know what happened as this is only the second of these episodes i've had, and they couldn't tell me last time, they said that when my hr went to 224 last time that the machine must be broken. can you help? anyone else had this? and if so, i'm really scared, will it happen again? On another note, i went to my doctors after i got released and they did more blood tests, they thought i had glandular fever, which i don't. but it did come back that i have an infection and some kind of allergy, so i have antibiotics (again) and antihistimines (sp?) sorry this was so long. becks x x x
  12. Hi melissa, I'm praying across the pond for you, i really hope that you are better and out of the hospital soon and back with all of the people who love and care for you. Muchas love becks x x x
  13. hi katie, great to see you back on the forum! glad everything went well with the baby, sounds like you are coping fantastically. are you enjoying being a mummy? Hey flop, Are you a chester gal aswell? glad you are out of the hospital, are you feeling better now? bloody neurologists i got sent to a psycologist (sp?) too. did they find out what caused the reaction? or the fits? Hope you are taking it easy and feeling good - well good ish! love and hugs becks x x x
  14. Hi, I suffered with depression for nearly ten years before i got any help, i didn't want to tell anybody how i felt because i thought i was a freak and people would make fun of me or tell me to grow up or worse pull my self together. I was finally forced to tell someone when i was nineteen and i couldn't cope anymore. my mum had suffered from post natal depression and after my aunt died (her sister) she suffered again so telling her was hard but she was so supportive and told me that it wasn't my fault and i wasn't strange, she came to the doctors with me to see about getting more help than just family support. My dad didn't cope too well because i'm his baby and he couldn't make me better, but he was always there if i needed to talk and when my job became too much for me he was there to pick me up and help me through. My parents are both depression sufferers and we have found in our family that being open and talking about it and taking the medication have worked, we know that we can't make each other better but we can help not to make it worse. Be a good listener, talk about it - depression is still too stigmatised it's still an illness and needs treating like any other. Get help, if you are struggling with it go to the doctors with your mum (providing she's ok with that) and get them to explain the treatment and progression. The better you understand the more help you'll be. Finally, i know how hard this is for you, but don't say pull yourself together, try not to think it either because you end up resenting the person with depression if that makes sense? Sorry this was so long but it's a subject i'm very passionate about. If you need to talk to someone about it feel free to pm me. becks x x x
  15. becky

    Wish Me Luck

    Hi Guys, quickly cos i'm very tired! latest news is that i have a job working for HBoS (Halifax, bank of scotland group) in one of their call centres and i started my four weeks training today so i'm shattered - so far so good, they are really good about me having pots and anything that they can do they will do for me which makes me feel better. I'll post more tomorrow or later this week. Thanks for all the support. becks x x x
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