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  1. Hi Jump For any further information on tests for adrenal disorders, the following links will be very useful. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/aldosterone/ http://hotzehwc.com/attachments/wysiwyg/2/...Cortisol101.pdf Good luck! I hope they find your problem and prescribe the right treatment. Love Tessa
  2. Hi, I am feeling better now, so I have the time and energy needed to answer your helpful posts. flop Thank you for your answer. I thought it could be oral allergy syndrome too. In fact, it has been what the allergist thinks it could be. I went to the office of the allergist on Monday and had the skin tests done. Negative, of course. He then asked for a blood test. I am waiting for the result. Following your suggestion, I am writing down everything clearly for the ophtalmologist and hope that they will understand and accept it. Thank you for your answers, Tachy Phlegming , Alicia, Tearose and BellaMia. When I had these reactions, I went to the allergist to test drugs but besides not checking the drug itself, they tested another one and said they recommended the use of: Mepivacaine as a local anesthetic. Yes I will ask if they really know how to treat me Tearose. Thank you for your suggestion. By the way, I see that I forgot to mention how my reactions were. I had a Novocaine (close to the neck) infiltration at the specialist office. Some minutes later we left and waiting at the information desk to ask for another app. (standing), I started having an acute chest pain, lightheadness and syncope. My husband informed the specialist who took me to the ER. When I finally woke up, I was in bed at the ER. It seems I had been with a IV (no idea what they injected)... For a long time... The reaction to the sublingual nitroglicerine took place during a TTT while standing. Had syncope. The problem is that even though they tilted me back down with my legs up, I did not recover consciousness for too long. They were all very worried (even the Cardiologist). Even my husband could hear their screams from outside... They were thinking to use an IV injection to recover me when I started to recover consciousness. 5 minutes after the sublinglual nitroglerine my blood pressure was 64-26, heart rate 50. (still!) No idea what it was when the syncope took place. They had no readings. I am sure they did not wanted to inform about it because I suspect my heart stopped beating and my bp was even lower... ! I bet that was anaphylactic. I also feel I am hypersensitive to some drugs as for an endoscopy they used sedation (not anesthetic but just to sedate and it seems that I fell asleep for nearly 1 hour without reaction to them trying to get me back...)... I am having the app. with the ophtalmologist on Monday... To start the procedure to arrange the surgery... I am preparing everything I have to tell him... Comments about anything I should add? Thank you, Love, Tessa
  3. Thank you for your kind answers... Sorry for not having posted before but I had a bad episode on Friday night and I am still unwell and very tired. Woke up at 4 am with acute chest pain, that irradiated to the back, as well as sweats and problems to breath due to the extreme pain... I hope to be able to answer your comments as soon as I feel better. Thank you. Love, Tessa
  4. By the way, I forgot to mention that my GP prescribed a kind of epi-pen to use if I have a severe reaction to food (as I am showing signs of an anaphylactic reaction to some fruits)... I have never used it but do you mean I could have a reaction to it if I use it? Ooppps.
  5. Wareagle, thank you for your answer. I am really thankfull for your help. But I am still not sure if it is a problem with Epi, as Nitroglicerine has no EPI, does it? I think it could be a problem of low blood volume and no vasoconstrictor response...(just the opposite) I wish I knew what to do... I really need the surgery but I am so afraid of it... My reaction to Novocaine and Nitroglicerine was so scary! Even the specialists scared to death when it happened... Can Eye anesthetic drugs cause side effects? Hypotension, tachicardia, etc.? Regards, Tessa
  6. Hi, please, can someone help me? I am confused and worried. I was told by my eye specialist that I have two ptergiums in each eye (A Pterygium is a raised, cream colored growth usually on the nasal side of the white of the eye. They sometimes get yellowish or reddish. Before the growth extends onto the cornea it's called a Pingueculae. When it extends onto the cornea it's called a Pterygium) More info: Surgery On my last visit to the specialist, I have been told that I should undergo surgery...She told me to think about it and to return when I have decided the surgery... Well, in fact, I am having problems (blurred vision, reddish eyes, extension to the cornea and near the centre of the eye...)and I should not wait for it to get to the iris... Besides having to confirm with the specialist that the surgery will be modern... I mean, not only removing the ptergium but also filling the gap with a trasplant of tissue to avoid the 50% probability of it to grow again sooner and larger if not transplanted...I have a big problem with the local anesthetic. and being on Medrol.... I know that as it is a minor surgery with local anesthetic I should have 100 mg. IV of Hidrocortisone before the surgery, plus a special care of Blood pressure and heart rate during the surgery process... But what about the local anesthetic? I Have POTS (plus what I mention on my signature below) and had a very bad reaction to an infiltration of a local anesthetic some years ago. It was novocaine. I also had a similar reaction to Nitroglicerine... Any suggestions? Comments? I have an appointment on Monday at the specialist for food allergies and wondered if I could ask him about my problems with these drugs and the surgery... But what should I ask or how should I mention all this as on my last visit the doctor refused to admit it was an allergy (even though she mentioned on the report to avoid the drug in the future)... Thank you for your help, I am looking forward to hearing from you, Regards, Tessa
  7. I also have different reactions to certain foods (as well as to drugs, etc.) Allergies - I have an allergy to melon, strawberry, pinneaple, orange and avocado. If I eat them raw my lips, tongue and throat will tingle and itch. Tongue and throat develop hives. Then I have hoarseness and fatigue. I?ve never had a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) but my doctor prescribed a kind of Epi-pen just in case I get a worse reaction. I am also sensitive to gluten and dairy (I am following a gluten and dairy free diet). Tessa
  8. hi my friends, I would like to ask you about a friend of mine whose daughter (she is 17 years old) has been prescribed Fludrocortisone to treat her neurocardiogenic syncope. The problem is that her mother has read all the possible side effects and is worried because her daugther has a bicameral pacemaker implanted. Any comments? Thank you in advance for your help, Tessa
  9. Hi Thanks for your comments, they have been very interesting. I will ask my Endo next month to see what he has to say about it as we are having different answers depending on the physician we ask to... Take care, Tessa
  10. Hi Thank you all for your answers, but I am still worried about this as I have been surfing the net and found information that confirms the statements made by this doctor (at least, what I have been looking for up to now). Furthermore, most of our physicians, nurses and GP?s in Spain are not getting to an agreement on the vaccine. Some are against, others say you should... And they always say it is our decission... As they are not sure if we could have side effects. According to what I?ve found, it is true that Baxter Laboratory contaminated vaccines with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus and distributed it to 18 countries last December... It was only providence that the batch was first tested on ferrets in the Czech Republic, before being shipped out for injection into humans. The ferrets all died and the shocking discovery was made. This news was confirmed by the Austrian Ministry of Health. The Austrian health ministry reported the incident to the European Union and is conducting its own audit. The World Health Organization ?is aware of the situation and is consulting with the ministers of health of the countries involved to ensure that all public risks arising from this event have been identified and managed appropriately,? said Gregory Hartl, a spokesman in Geneva. The European Medicines Agency has no immediate comment. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which distributes seasonal flu viruses to companies for vaccine manufacturing, isn?t investigating or providing consultation. The CDC is staying in touch with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control regarding the incident. Initially, Baxter attempted to stonewall questions by invoking ?trade secrets? and refused to reveal how the vaccines were contaminated with H5N1. After increased pressure they then claimed that pure H5N1 batches were sent by accident. And it is Baxter who is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu virus... Article published by the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (NEJM) about the virus: Virus History US President?s Daughters not vaccinated The news that a fourth person has died after taking the "swine flu" jab in Sweden is focussing attention on the failure of the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) to halt the "swine flu" programme even as reports of serious side effects flood in. October 25th: According to a report by Marc Badertscher in the Swiss newspaper, the Tagesanzeiger, the Swiss authorities have decided not to authorise the use of Novartis's swine flu jab "Celtura" on the grounds that there are insufficient studies to show it is safe, especially for women and children. Arkansas DHS vaccinates 36 children with swine flu vaccine against parents objections See full article: link Germany: Fredrich Hoffmann, the head of Germany's national vaccine commission, has told doctors that they should give the untested "swine flu" jab to their patients no matter what their opinion about it might be, but German doctors are refusing to bow down and be bullied. Another interesting article I?ve found:
  11. Dear friends. For all of us with POTS, reactions to drugs, immune system def. and other diseases... I think that the following information is important as it affects us directly... I came across this information with regard to the Flu and thought I had to share this with you. I do not know if you had access to this kind of information, but It is worth reading it. The video is in Spanish, but I have been able to find a summary of the content in English for you. I post the link to the video for those of you who understand Spanish enough: Link to the video Summary of the content in English Click here (it?s a pdf) OMS Revised the Definition of Pandemia click here Teresa Forcades is a Doctor and she explains the origins of the Flu, the vaccines, the politics, the risks, etc. Don?t you feel impressed about all this? I really doubt now that I will ask for the Vaccine... Taking into account all the side effects, allergic reactions, etc. I?ve had with drugs and with such a difficult Immune system I have, I do not want the risk... I am really worried that my family can get the shot. I am going to ask them not to do it. Had you known about this? What do you think about all this? Thank you for your comments. Tessa
  12. Hi Linda Sorry to know that you are still in hospital, but at least you have an answer, and I can tell you that it is not easy to get to the dx. If you already had adrenal issues long ago (without treatment?), I can fully understand you having health issues. Steroids in excess can cause problems, as well as taking less than needed... You will have to get to the right treatment for your needs, but you WILL get to it. You will see. And your health will improve too. Keep the faith and remember... You are not alone. love, Tessa
  13. Hi LindaJoy Sorry about your adrenal crisis, but happy to know that you could recover. I am taking HC and fludrocortisone and used to be on the board that you have been told to visit (but it has been frozen) I agree with your docs that you were coming down too fast. I have been recommended to tapper down 5 mg every 5 days. Do not be afraid of more life-threatening episodes. When your doctors tell you to come down, do it but very slowly. Now, I've been in the hospital for a week, doing adrenal tests, recovering, etc I've been switched from IV salumedrol to oral hydrocortisone. I feel like H$#%. What about the results of the adrenal tests? And what and how did they tested? I went from feeling fine to nearly dying within minutes. How much time does one usually have to get help when this happens? I didn't feel like I had any time once the crisis started. It can happen. Sometimes without a warning. My endo is not giving me a prescription for syringe steroids in case this happens again. I think I should have it. Any thoughts? I agree with you that you should have an emergency kit. Well, I'm gonna get to sleep, so. Thanks for any responses, in advance. I may not be able to get back with all of you for ahwile, so I'll say now, thanks for your replies. Know all you say will be apreciated. Have a good and deserved rest, Lindajoy. You have gone through a difficult episode. Please, keep us updated and pm me if you like. I am not an expert (I have been on treatment for about 1 year and a half) but I am glad to share my own experience with you. Take care, Love, Tessa P.S.: By the way, I forgot to ask you. Why did they put you on steroids initially?
  14. Hi Am I right deducing that they prescribed Nadolol to reduce your heart rate? What about your blood pressure? Was it high or low before the med? And now? Love Tessa
  15. I'm sorry, I couldn't choose one. I feel so disabled when I have them, limited, frustrated, sick... Interesting poll. Love, Tessa
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