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  1. Hi Thanks for your comments, they have been very interesting. I will ask my Endo next month to see what he has to say about it as we are having different answers depending on the physician we ask to... Take care, Tessa
  2. Hi Thank you all for your answers, but I am still worried about this as I have been surfing the net and found information that confirms the statements made by this doctor (at least, what I have been looking for up to now). Furthermore, most of our physicians, nurses and GP?s in Spain are not getting to an agreement on the vaccine. Some are against, others say you should... And they always say it is our decission... As they are not sure if we could have side effects. According to what I?ve found, it is true that Baxter Laboratory contaminated vaccines with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus an
  3. Dear friends. For all of us with POTS, reactions to drugs, immune system def. and other diseases... I think that the following information is important as it affects us directly... I came across this information with regard to the Flu and thought I had to share this with you. I do not know if you had access to this kind of information, but It is worth reading it. The video is in Spanish, but I have been able to find a summary of the content in English for you. I post the link to the video for those of you who understand Spanish enough: Link to the video Summary of the content in English C
  4. Hi Melissa Thank you for answering Yes, it is an improvement. I am looking forward to going to the beach this week (after work) and have a nice bath. I hope to swim a little... You did a mile! And lifeguarded! You must have some nice rememberings of it. It is wonderful to remember these kind of things. I used to swim a lot before worsening, I was even known as the "sirene", because I kept swimming for hours and hours, but now I cannot keep more than 1 minute swimming. I feel so tired. And then the next day, all my muscles are painful. But of course, I do not exercise at all, so that mus
  5. Hi Flop. Thanks for your answer. Yes, it is really a gift being able to do more things than before and feeling better. I also agree that this is thanks to the combination of bisoprolol, liquorice, fluid and salt. I never tried compression stockings but aren?t they difficult to wear in the summer? We are having around 35 degrees Celsius, sometimes even 38... We have tried to swim a little the other day (on the beach) and even though it makes me feel tired, I enjoyed to be there. We are planning to repeat the experience in order to try to exercise a little. My muscles need it and as I am
  6. Thank you, Flop. Most helpful My blood pressure has changed a lot since I am on Licorice. Do you remember that I have always mentioned having 80-40 ? Nowadays my bp has been: 100-60 105-69 101-61 109-69 Serum Electrolytes on the blood test showed fine, except the urine potassium which was low. Furthermore, most of the symptoms I had have disappeared and I am feeling much better than before, except that I have muscle weakness, cannot exercise and still become easily tired and dehydrated. Two days ago, the elevator was not running and we had to use the stairs to get up home. When we got hom
  7. Hi Flop The thing is that I do not have a specialist who really knows about POTS. My cardiologist who carried out the TTT and who determined that I "faint" said I that I have POTS. His Dx was mostly because I suggested it to him by showing him the information of Dr. Grubb. Even though he said I had POTS, he added that there is no difference as the treatment for all are the same... I am afraid he did not read the full article to know more about dysautonomias, as he mentioned that it does not disable people... And that it can be avoided simply by not standing up to quickly, drinking plenty
  8. Hi Thank you for answering I am not alone here As mentioned on the previous post, low aldosterone levels are related with POTS and I have found the following highly interesting article which I wanted to share with all: (extract) Aldosterone is the salt-retaining hormone and is a mineralocorticoid. Excesses of aldosterone leads to high blood pressure and low potassium. Deficiencies of aldosterone are much less appreciated than deficiencies of cortisol, and lead to low blood pressure and high pulse, especially on standing, the desire to eat salt (salt-craving), dizziness or lightheadedness
  9. Hi all I just got the results of my aldosterone levels. It has been marked as "low" and showed 51.00 pg/ml Furthermore, I have a low level of: Potassium (urine): 17 mEq/L (normal values: 25-100) MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin): 26.7 pg (normal values: 27 - 33.5) lymphocytes: 17.4 % (normal values: 20-53) Source: AhaJournals What do you think about these results? Do you have a low aldosterone level? What about Potassium and lymphocytes? Thank you, Love, Tessa
  10. Thank you Deucykub for clarifying your post, though I think I understood it clearly. Do not worry, I did not think you were saying that POTS is hypovolemic shock. It was not your post that scared me but my own experience. If I suffer from hypovolemia and with all the previous mentioned symptoms, my conditions were surely worse and that is scary too. It is indeed a similar situation to hypovolemic shock, even without blood loss (as it was only a blood test). With regard to getting things out of the freezer, I have no fibromyalgia (at least not that I know). If it is the wrong signal to the br
  11. Thank you Katherine. I see from your post that it could have just been a POTS reaction. Thank you for answering my question. I hope to find a doctor soon who knowns about POTS. I am looking forward to sharing my concerns with him/her. I have to wait and see. My app. with a new Cardiologist in February will tell me if he/she knows what I am talking about. Love, Tessa
  12. I find this post very interesting, though I cannot add important information to it, I would like to make a question to you if you do not mind. How do you feel your hands when you have to get something out from the freezer? Is it painful for you? Does it sound silly? I have to put my gloves on in order to be able to get something from the freezer. If not, I feel my fingers become extremely cold and it is extremely painful. Why does it happen? Any idea? With regard to your post, I suspect that I have hypovolemia. I had a terrible experience during & after my last blood test (feeling diz
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