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Big (overcoming Pots) Achievement

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Hey folks!

I was able to defend my master's thesis today! My committee has approved me to receive my degree!!


I was very close to finishing last April when POTS hit me full force (I was struggling long before then!!). This past year has been such a struggle. Most importantly, I was able to sit up to give the presentation today. Using a wheelchair helped immensely.

I have been trying to graduate for so long that today it feels as if i'm floating on a cloud! And not in a sick POTSy way for once ;-)

Thanks for letting me share the good news. I know you all can appreciate the obstacles I had to overcome to do this.

Kristen :rolleyes:

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WOW! Congratulations! I'm impressed that you persevered in the midst of such difficulty!

Celebrating with you, :)


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Congrats! That is a real great acheivement... :)

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I am so grateful i logged on and saw your news. I miss most of the posts these days! Your news warmed my heart.

I know you have had one heck of a year. Can you remind me what you got your masters in??? Something Englishy I think. What was your thesis topic???


I think about you often and always wonder how you are doing...


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I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It lets me know that I'll be able to finish one day too.


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