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Sunfish Saga Update


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heya gang -

i'm not going to fill in all the details and/or stories i have to share as my arms/hands aren't the happiest at the moment thanks to lots of pokes/pricks/IVs and some bonus phlebitis (geesh....such a "little" thing but it really hurts like the dickens!). but after my excitement at being able to get online today i thought i'd post at least a bit.

i was admitted on wednesday after a nasty reaction to my first iron infusion. so of course that will have to be dealt with going forth, perhaps with pre-medicating, slower admin, etc....an issue but not the most immediate concern at the moment. the reaction was NOT fun though nor were all the meds they pumped in to stop it. but if that was the "only" thing that had happened i would have been discharged the next day no problem.

i had already been having escalating issues with my gastroparesis/motility flaring up the past few weeks & had the hospital hanging over my head from my GI doc who i had seen last monday. so none the less once i was admitted i wasn't going anywhere. i hadn't kept more than clear liquids down in almost a week, very limited for a good week before that, and not nearly enough even in the realm of fluids. i'd already had to go for outpatient fluids several times.

so bottom line is i'm now on not only saline but also PPN (partial parenteral nutrition) which is the "most" nutrition that can be given through regular IVs. i'm getting a PICC line placed in the morning and will likely then be discharged on wednesday with TPN (total parenteral nutrition) at home. i'll be thrilled to get out of the hospital but of course it's a bit scary to have my GI tract almost entirely non-functional in regard to going forward.

i'm leaving out some extras re: meds, testing, good/bad stories from the stay and can fill them in later but my hand & tummy are starting to protest at the moment so i'll leave it at that for all.

thanks again for all the support,

:blink: melissa

p.s. i realize that this probably goes without saying, but i'll be a bit behind on getting back to folks on PMs/emails and replying to posts for a bit. i know you all understand:-)

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Great to see you posting but sorry you are in the hospital still. I hope you get your GI issues under control. I can NOT imagine.

Take care of yourself FIRST and don't worry about answering folks. I am sure all will understand!

Yikes...I bet you do have stories to share. :blink:

Get well, soon!


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Okay my little type-A nutcase... your email, PM's and Posts will all still be here when you get home. Now, GET BETTER!!! That's your one and only job right now, ya hear me?! Don't make this mouse come out there and kick some orange fins!

I'll be eagerly awaiting your updates on your travails in the pokey once you're cozy and settled in at HOME.

Nina :blink:

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Guest Julia59

Just keep hanging on-----I hope you feel much better soon----especially that tummy.

Don't worry about answering e-mail---PMs ect.------------The most important thing is that you get the rest you need and start feeling better.

A BIG HUG TO YOU...........

Julie :0)

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mymymy!! I really hope that you start feeling better soon!!

and for goodness sakes dear.. dont worry about emails and Pm's!!.. that is the least of your worries right now!! we know you love us!! and we love you!! and it'll all be here when you get back up on your feet ok!!

take care dear!!



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Hi Sunfish!!!

I just now logged on and see your post. You are such a trooper and an inspiration to me and many others here. Please don't worry about keeping up with all the posts. I know you want to return emails and such but you need your energy to focus on YOU.

Everyone is right.....we don't expect you to respond and return all these posts and emails

Hang in there and hopefully you will have your own bed again Wednesday night!

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Hello! It is great seeing your post this evening -- I was really wondering how you were doing after hearing that you were admitted into the hospital.

I hope you begin to improve and hold food down. Wow! You are going through a lot right now!

Take care,


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Good to hear the update, now continue to get better! :blink:


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Hey Sunny :) fish,

It?s a welcome sight to see your post. I?m sorry for the mess you've been in, oops! are still in. I hope you feel better very soon and have an easy time with the PICC.

Ya know? You feed that gut with all sorts of nice things, and this is the thanks you get??? Wish it would settle down and behave. :)

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thanks for all the messages & for the well-deserved reprimand nina that gave me (and my mother) a good laugh to boot. i've now been told i won't be allowed home until thursday "at the earliest". ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr. but the PICC line was just placed & so far so good....

ta ta for now...

:) melissa

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Ah, great minds think alike :) Tell your mom I like her already.

I hope that your guts get their act together while you're giving them a rest, and that the PICC line and infusions keep you feeling better and better. You tell that tummy who's boss, okay? (oh, and if that works for you, then you need to tell mine the same thing!).


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