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  1. thank you all for your coments and inspiration, I did have a legal aid. They used my ssi report stating I need help with the children and they took a letter from my mom when we were fighting for ssi. Other than that it was just my husbands lawyers wrds with no proof. So I got an apartment today. the cheapest in my area. I had to give my husband my 700 ssi for my kids and he gave me 900 for spousal support. it ws suppose to be 1200 but something due to SSI it had to be cut down to 900. So after adding utilities groceries meds and all the basic I have $15 left per month. My husband used to give me 900 a month spending and entertainment allowence now I get 15 dollars big big change for me. Plus my husband is walking around like the king, I could bash his face in. So anyways I was a hard working mother kept the kids and myself clean. The house 1/2 way clean and I loose my kids. This life *****. Lord Save Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. As you all know I was going throuh a divorce well we just had our court date yesterday. My husband totally betrayed me by his lawyer telling her I need help caring for my kids and keeping up with the house. Well the judge barley let us tell our site of the story.....................then bam he said I have till Oct.1st to leave and I can only see my kids evry other weekend . I am so hurt and so lost all I can do is cry. I've been crying for 24hrs. straight. What do I do without my babies? What am I going to do with all my time alone I just want to buy a gun. All they are going to remember in their past is their dad. My kids are my life. I've been a staty at home mom for 11 yrs. Any suggestions I'm hurting so bad.
  3. Some of you might remember me to all the knew ones hello. I am so so sad my husband told me a few weeks ago that he wished I could be more sociable than I got a knock on the door today and I was served with divorce papers. And worse yet he wont leave the house till the judge says he has to so it hurts so much seeing him everyday and him watching me cry and him acting like nothing should be wrong. I am so so so so so scared he will get custody of my 3 kids 10 7 and 5. That would just destroy me. I know his prents have alot to do with this his dad came over and hurrassed me yesterday saying I'm worth nothing and all kinds of horrible things. In front of my kids. I kept telling him to leave and he wouldn't. On Monday I'm getting a restraining order on him. Sept 18 will be our 10th anniversary. Court is Sept9 the day after my sons birthday. His parents also paid thousands of dollars for a big lawyer and i have one for 675 for low-income people. What do I do he promied he would never leave me. I stand by my vows and don't believe in divorce. I took vows and promised I'd never leave him. We promised GOD.
  4. I was also approved 2 months ago. A letter from my doc and a Lawyer is what made me win the 3rd time
  5. When I first got sick my daughter was 5. The others were 2 and 6mo. I was just honest. Now my oldest is 10 and it's normal that mommy can't do heat and takes naps. During the summer it's harder because they are not as occupied as when in school. I'm a christian so they know nothing is impossible with God.
  6. I WAS VERY SICK FROM 8/04 TO 5/07 I THOUGHT i was never going to get a break. I'm not posting to brag but to give hope. If everything stays well for the next year I might have my 4th baby. I do still have Alot of anxiety but that i might deal with that for life. I won my ssi case due to autonomonic neuropathy and and anxiety. so please pray and know your never alone.if anyone ever needs to talk pm me love to all dayna
  7. I can tell if I'm too dizzy or fatigued. I know I will only drive if my husband is not at work so if I need him to pick me up he's there. I've used him quite a bit I never want to but my 3 little ones in danger. Dayna
  8. Weird but today I got the paper saying I was approved on medical disability Dayna
  9. I have not recovered completely but I feel comfortable where I am. I will be hit with horrible fatigue out of th blue and that's real scary specially if I have to gt though the faigue while driving with the kids. I'm ready for another baby but my huband said no until the fatigue gets better. He's afraid I'll be so fatigue I drop the baby. I don't know maybe I'm just use to the daily changes of POTS because the more I think about the more sx I think of. I got rid of the major sx of nausea and chronic migraines so I guess thing are just getting better Good Luck to you Dayna
  10. All those going thru ssdi I know it's hard but stick with it. I just talked to my lawyer and she said she wasn't suppose to tell me but she was trying to get an appeal to add alittle extra info to my case and the Clerk of Courts was wondering why since the Clerk of Courts said the judge is going to pay my claim. So it's like 98% chance. Wish me luck. I've been fighting this for almost 5 yrs. I'll give you an update if I win. dayna
  11. You are all still in my prayers and I think yoou are all wonderful couageous women. Dayna
  12. I can't take either phenergen makes me jump out of my skin and zofran gives me a migraine. I take compazine which usually does the trick for me. Good luck I hope you find something that works for you. Dayna
  13. I feel your pain. I have 3 kids 9,6 &4 they were 5,3 and 7 mo. when I got sick with POTS. I have alot of anxiety when the nice weather comes because they want to explore every where and I can not keep either. Tjis is just so hard and breaks my heart. I want to be the mom I was, the one I dreamed of being. My kids are very compassionate from all this but that's not true from everyone. I think I have alot of people who think "your still sick" and I hate the question about meds. Don't you think we wis there was one cure for us all. Well if you ever need to vent on a more personal level feel free to PM me. Hang in there Dayna
  14. I was never a fan of alcohol and am not about to start. I have a very low tolerance and will get dizzy after one beer. Dayna
  16. I got sick overnight aug 23, 04. I feel for you . It;s really hard living this life at a young age. I just turned 31. With all my heart I truley hope things will improve sometime SOON. Anneversaries are always hard to deal with. Dayna
  17. You will constenly be in my prayers and thoughts. I hope you get the strength you need to help your father. Dayna
  18. I feel for you but also can relate to your postings. I have Autonomic Neuropathy which focuses on more than just POTS. But I don't feel all that affected with POTS. I can stand and walk a few miles. I can function pretty good and the only thing that really holds me back is my Chronic Daily Migraines. If I found the right treatment for that I would be pretty normal. I do think POTS gives me my feelings of anxiety which I deal with alot. But other than the anxiety (which might be adreneline surges) I don't have the hr or dizziness wich I am thankful for. I do have heat intolerance since I can't sweat but summer is also my best time of the year. As far an exercise intolerance I'll be starting 5 days a week of water exercise. So I'll update you with that. For me I think it is my 3 little kids that keep me conditioned. With the constant up and down I can't imagine this illness with out kids. They MAKE me get up in the morning. I don't work due to the migraines. I am able to do alot but feel just "sick" on a daily basis. If you have any questions feel free to PM me Hang in there Dayna
  19. You and your father and family are in my prayers. I hope your nerves act nicely during this time of your fathers need. Stay strong and keep the faith. Dayna
  20. Good idea Tammy. I'm coming to grips with the Diabetes becasue I can have control over it unlike my other illnesses. Once I lose the weight from the other med I should be fine. Exercise is just going to be the hardest because I'm exercise intolerance due to the inability to sweat. I guess this will be a fun chapter in my life maybe I could even get my pre pots figure (that would be nice for my self esteem) Thanks for your support Dayna
  21. I'm glad you finally got some answers. Is their things that can improve this illness? I'll have to do some research because I don't know anything about Mito. I hope someone here can help you. Dayna
  22. Bee I only wish and hope the best for you and your family. I have my issues but I'm scared to death to lose my energy. It would be near impossible to raise the kids. Are your parents helping you at all? I hope Cleveland Clinic has some answers that you truly diserve. You are a good person and I hope can bring that vibriant spirit back to your life. Call me..................I'm here for you!!!! No one understands unless they are facing trials of their own. I MISS SEEING YOU AROUND HERE!!!! Dayna
  23. what wonderful news, I'm soo happy for you and your positive progression. I got sick August 04 so maybe my (praying) I'll be able to post a positive report sometime. Good luck to you with school Dayna
  24. I'm in the exact situation and am scared because after starting flornief I felt some improvement to my symptoms. I looking forward to the responses and feel what you are going through. Dayna
  25. I haven't been posting here lately because I was trying to not focus soo much on my illnesses, than I was trying a medication for my migraines that put on 45lbs in 3 months............all in my stomach. Went to the doctor to find out what was going on and after the testing was dx with Type 2. Diabetes causes nerve damage and I already pre-diabetes have Autonomic Neuropathy causing POTS and Gastroparesis and Severe Migraines. Are all these things going to get worse? I can't cope with another illness. I've been in bed crying for 3 days just because I feel SO OVERWHELMED. Does anyone else have diabetes and how has it affectd POTS? If anyone has any words of encouragement it would be greatly appreciated, I need so support right now more than ever. My 3 kids need to see mommy smile. I'm going to my counselor this afternoon but never really feel much relief after seeing him.................at least it will force me in the shower. Thanks as always Love all of you Dayna
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