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  1. Dayna, I have not been on this forum in ages, but am glad I happened to log on tonight. I am so sorry that you are going through this right now. I understand that sometimes things don't work out between two people, but there is no reason for this. It doesn't matter if your house was not 100% clean everyday, or if someone does help you on your sick days. Normal people without POTS often let the housework go and have someone help with their kids when they get the flu or are sick in general. It really sickens me that you are going through this and I feel awful for your poor kids. I know I haven't
  2. Hey there everyone Since there is not a whole lot of research on POTS and pregnancy I decided to check in and let you know how my pregnancy went. I saw a high-risk specialist the whole time and stayed on Propranolol and Fludrocortisone. My pregnancy was relatively normal until I got kidney stones in December and then I had complications towards the end. I woke up the morning of March 1 and made breakfast like every other morning. As the day went on I started feeling more and more strange and I was shocked when I took my blood pressure and it was 190/135. I called my doctor and went straight t
  3. Hello everyone I very rarely have the time to get online anymore. I got married in October and we are expecting our first child in April! Due to issues i've had with POTS my doctors encouraged me to have children sooner than later! It's a little boy and we are naming him Preston Connor! I was very very ill during the first trimester. I had severe nausea and vomiting they diagnosed as hyperemesis gravidarum. Thankfully that went away around week 12 and I've felt perfectly fine ever since! I had some weird headaches as my blood volume adjusted but I have not had one health complaint at all sinc
  4. I'm getting married this Saturday! Thankfully I am not having any Pots related issues, but I am pregnant and am having lots of fun morning sickness which in reality is more like all day sickness. I'm getting really nervous that I will feel like crap and not make it through the day. After consulting with doctors we were told we would be lucky with all my medical issues to get pregnant so it's definitely a blessing! I'm just worried about getting through this one day of my life that I want to go so perfectly....
  5. Thank you Melissa! I will definitely post wedding pictures once I get them back! In regards to actually stopping the medicine...it's not really an option. I have been taking these medications for 10 years now and have been severely ill when the doctor has tried cutting them back even the tiniest amount. The cleft lip is just something that could happen that basically he had to mention. He didn't seem concerned about it at all and mentioned it more or less to just cover his own behind. I recall hearing from others on this board in years past who took Florinef while pregnant but of course I am n
  6. Sara, I was 15 when I first got sick with POTS so I've only ever known the dating world while having a chronic illness. I've been in several bad relationships with guys who were immature, or who couldn't deal with me being sick. I felt like I would never meet anyone who could deal with me not going out partying all the time or who could accept my limitations. Finally I gave up on dating and instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself I went out with my cousin and his friends one night. I met one of my cousin's friends who apparently had seen me several times over the years and commente
  7. So I am a little over 11 weeks pregnant now. I've had more and more POTS symptoms as i've gotten older. I'm getting married next Saturday and we had planned to start a family soon. I've had one problem after another and after being told that I may not be able to get pregnant after all, we decided that I should stop taking the pill and we would see what happened! Lo and behold we are expecting our first little one on April 16! Up until the past week or so I have had severe nausea and was actually diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. I did nothing but lay on the couch and vomit day and night.
  8. My team of specialist consulted with one another and decided that if my fiance and I wanted children that now was the time. I found out that we are expecting last weekend! My main POTS symptom has always been nausea. I feel like I've gotten hit with a mack truck since I found out I was pregnant. I am super exhausted and very nauseated. Last night I spent the night in the emergency room because I couldn't stop vomiting hour after hour. The ER doc said welcome to morning sickness and that I could expect more of the same for at least the next 7 weeks. They pumped me full of IV fluids and then two
  9. I have been sick for 10 years this coming September. I was okay just taking a small dose of Inderal for several years. It seems as though the older I get, the more symptoms that I have. They added Florinef, Potassium supplements and salt tablets to my regimen over the past few years. I have been too sick to work and have had to quit the past few jobs that I've had in recent months and thus I have no access to health insurance. The State of Ohio will not provide me with any help whatsoever because they believe that I can work with no problem while passing out, vomiting and suffering from other
  10. I rarely get online anymore and it's been really hard for me to be my usual optimistic self lately. I have been so down with being sick and trying to juggle finances with no income that I forgot to mention my good news. I am engaged! We are getting married on October 4, 2008! My fiance graduates with a bachelors in graphic design this August. Hopefully he will land a great job and my insurance and financial worries will be over!!!
  11. I probably will look into finding another work from home transcription type job. The only downfall to that is that it is extremely hard to get hired in the first place especially with no experience most companies don't want to hire you to work from home. When they do, it's independent contractor status so I will still have no insurance. The pay is minimal as well. I guess worse case scenerio, I reapply for disability and if it gets denied again I get a lawyer and appeal within the allotted time frame. Thanks
  12. I need some help or advice!!! I worked for 3 years in a hospital as a Unit Secretary until October 2006 when I was missing so much work it was either quit or be fired. I took Medical Transcription classes and got a work from home job in January of this year. The company that hired me was disorganized. I was basically making 70 cents per hour, had no benefits and they had no work half of the time. They would give me three weeks of work at a time before I would ever get feedback on how I was doing. Then I had many different editors who gave conflicting feedback. The Chief Operating Officer, who
  13. I live in Ohio. I was told by State Farm that I could get coverage at a higher rate, but it would not cover anything in any way related to POTS. I NEVER go to the doctor unless it is somehow POTS related. I applied for Medicaid, social security and disability in October of 2006. They denied me because they said that POTS is not a debilitating illness and that I can just go get a job and get benefits. HA! Tell that to the hospital that I was formerly employed at whom threatened to fire me all the time because I was so sick so often. Anyway, I am working from home doing medical transcription and
  14. I have not been online in ages because i've been so exhausted from finishing up a Medical Transcription class I have been working on forever, and actually starting to work. I quit my job at a local hospital as a unit secretary in October of 2006 because it was so stressful, I was sick more then I was well. I tried through State Farm, my automobile insurance provider, to get medical insurance and was denied because they said POTS is a pre-existing medical condition. I tried through another online provider and got the same response. I have been without insurance since that time and received a ph
  15. I went to school to be a nurse but hit a "potshole" and realized that was not realistic. I worked as a Unit Secretary in a hospital for a few years until it became so stressful that I was sick more than I was well. I have been unemployed for a year now and I am just a few weeks away from being a Medical Transcriptionist! I am going to work from home with the option of wearing pjs if I feel icky
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