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Belinda is in the hospital


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hi folks.. I talked with Belinda just alittle while ago.. she said it was Ok for me to let you all know.. she was admitted to the hospital tuesday night I believe.. b/c of weakness and her throat spasms that she has been having..

they found that she has a major innner ear infection.. and they put her on an antibiotic... and they think that her throat spasms are ANS related.. she is hanging in there though.. despite how crummy she feels..

she wanted me to be sure that I tell you that her nose is STILL THROBBING!! lol :):) ---

she might be able to come home in a few days..

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Aw, the poor thing! Please tell her that we all love her and hope she is home and feeling better soon.


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Thanks for keeping us updated about Belinda. I hope she feels better soon!


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