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OT - Bad Family News- in need of prayers

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

I'm so sorry I haven't been around for many weeks. I haven't been ignoring you all, I've just had a LOT on my plate. The understatement of the year!! To sum things up, my migraines and POTS have (of course) been out-of-control :) , but it's no wonder with everything that's been going on. In mid-July our Japanese exchange student came to stay with us. They had just finished our work on our house from the hail damage that had occured 2 years ago!! 2 days later, water began leaking in our house in 5 places!!!! AARRGGHH!! The second day that our student arrived, I got an email from my dad letting me know that my stepmother had taken a turn for the worse and had only been given a week to live and that we needed to come see her that weekend to be able to say "goodbye". She has metastatic cancer and it has basically engulfed her whole body. She refused almost all treatments and was doing some alternative medicine "things". It got way out of control!! She really isn't eating or drinking for 18 days. She is refusing all pain/supportive meds. She is at home. My father has been taking care of her. In the meantime, last week, my father developed chest pains out of the blue. Having never had heart problems before and being a stubborn male he let it go on for a day or so. Finally the pains were so bad he went to ER. He was finally dx with angina. They thought he was having a MI at first. My stepmother's family FINALLY called me later that afternoon to call me about my dad!! I freaked out and started packing a bag... So, they ending up finding out the whole left side of his heart was blocked and he needed a heart cath. But, he has kidney damage and his kidneys were functioning at less than 12% so they couldn't do the procedure because the dye is very rough on the kidneys. So, they had to build up his kidneys for a few days. They were finally able to do the heart cath. They found he had 2 vessels blocked 95% and 2 vessels blocked pretty bad but not as much. They also found he had a MI sometime in the past. So, then they had to build his kidneys up to 12% for his quadruple bypass which was done on Monday morning. In the meantime, his wife is at home dying and he keeps threatening to leave the hospital AMA because he wants to be with her, so I am trying to keep him in the hospital. Then the stepmother's family found things on my dad's personal computer they didn't like and all **** broke loose (this was before the bypass). They almost caused my dad to have another MI. It has just been NON-STOP stress!! Of course, we have been having to drive back and forth between Cleveland and Columbus (about 2 1/2 hours) almost every day because of my daughter Marissa and the fact that we have an exchange student who is in school here, etc...

I am about at my wits end.

Any and all prayers are appreciated.

I am not sure when and how often I will be able to be on the computer.

I am never even sure when and how long I will be home.

Anyhow, I just wanted to touch base. I've missed you all and I really do need the support right now!!

I pray everyone else is doing well. I read about Lois and sent her a letter. If I've missed anything urgent could someone please drop me a line!! Thanks so much! You guys are the best!

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Guest Mary from OH

Marissa is having quite a time of things. My father is her only grandfather and she loves him dearly. She has also come to love Bonnie as a grandmother too, so this all has been very stressful on her. Watching someone die is not a pleasant thing. Cancer is a horrible thing to die from and to watch an extremely intelligent woman deny herself treatment that would have saved her life has been an excruciating reality. Marissa's health has been off/on since they took her Propulsid away. She is in pain every day. While my father has been in ICU (since last Tuesday), she has not been able to see him except right before his quadruple bypass on Monday. They did let her visit him then, just in case he didn't make it through surgery.

Steph, yes, the boring trip up and down 71 is becoming so monotonous as if it were not already so anyway. We are all so sleep deprived I worry we may end up in the hospital too. But I cannot bear to be away from them for very long. Life can be so challenging at times....

Anyhow, thanks for all the well wishes. I'll keep everyone in my prayers, as always. Love you all!! You're never far from my thoughts!

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I will definately be thinking and praying for your family. It is so hard to watch someone die, my moms best friend did the same thing two years ago. She knew something was wrong and didn't go to the doctor til she was down 90 pounds, couldn't eat, was turning yellow, the whole nine yards. Of course she had cancer, too late for treatment, and nothing anyone could do but watch. I feel for you, I know it is hard. Take care of yourself and be careful on the road.

PS. They really shouldn't have been using much less snooping on your fathers computer without permission, shame on them...



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Hi Mary,

I'm so very sorry to hear about all the bad times for you and your family. I am in similar situation and some days are so hard. I hope that all turns out well for your family and I know its so hard on your health as well... My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Guest Julia59


I'm sorry to hear about all the difficult times you have been having.

I can't even imagine how your POTS must be affected. Try to hold on tight, and also hold on to your health. Take good care of yourself the best you can in this situation.

Can you find someone to help you with things around the house during this difficult time?

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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i wish i could do or say more, but you and your entire family will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. i can't even imagine...

thanks for checking in with us. big (((HUG))) coming your way.

hang in there the best you can,


p.s. oyasumi nasai (good night in japanese :) )

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I can't believe all the horrible health problems and accidents, etc., people on this site are having with their families. How difficult things must be for you right now. I can't say much to alleviate the stress and problems, but know you are being thought of, as is your family.


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