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  1. I love kids they are so cute!!! ((Hugs)) Sue
  2. thanks Nina for the info... I haven't been on in quite a while. Still working!!! only part time but absolutely love it. I just have to be very careful to not over do it. I nap alot. Hope everyone is doing as well as expected. ((Hugs)) Sue
  3. I'm hoping this is ok to do. I just got a letter yesterday from Dr. Grubb, as I'm sure that alot of you have that his wife Barbara has brain cancer. My letter was dated May and I just received it yesterday so I'm not quite sure how she is doing.. If anyone is game I'd like to do a candle vigil one day next week. Basically you just light a candle all at the same time, and send prayers, good thoughts, anything you wish. Please let me know what you think. I'm thinking next Wednesday at 7:00 God Bless ((Hugs)) Sue
  4. Not very inventive but....................... My dad is in a wheelchair and I buy holiday decorated towels to put on the back of his chair. Spruces it up a little ((Hugs)) Sue
  5. My best definition of how I feel is trying to walk on a boat in choppy water.. Sue
  6. Love my Lifetime Movies but DVD's. Got to watch The Notebook, A walk to remember, What lies beneath,, books, I don't really like to read but my sisters both love Danielle Steele ((Hugs)) Sue
  7. Not sure where you live but it has extremely humid here/Michigan. Even my non-dizzy (lol) friends are not feeling so hot lately. I'm just drinking lots of fluids, and taking lots of naps throughout the day ((Hugs)) Sue
  8. thats funny you ask about the tattoo, I have been contemplating the idea myself. I did talk to Dr. Grubb about this. He is anti-tattoo "period". But I still would like to know anyones experience with this. ((Hugs)) Sue
  9. Michigan here, summer, hot and sticky, prefer to be in the pool!! winter, freezing, snuggled up somewhere with a pet or two Its a no win situation ((Hugs)) Sue
  10. I too have bouts of "DROP ATTACKS" they are very strange and scary. Dr. Grubb tells me again they are from a drop in your pressure. Since upping my celexa to 60 mg a day, they seem to be more under control. ((Hugs)) Sue
  11. How wonderful!!! Very happy for you ((Hugs)) Sue
  12. My heart is with you. Its so difficult to lose a pet, that unconditional love is so hard to find. ((((((((Hugs)))))))) lots of them Sue
  13. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your reunion. Its so hard when our loved ones are not with us always. You definately have some special friends and family to do this.. ((Hugs)) Sue
  14. Geeze Nina, you've been through quite a bit lately. Hope you are feeling better now and are starting to mend. ((Hugs)) Sue
  15. Happy 4th to everyone as well. We are sitting here Wednesday night as all the fireworks are going off!!! My dogs are right here beneath my feet. They hate it!!!!! Have a wonderful night ((Hugs)) Sue
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