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  1. Beth How odd I never would have put the two together. I have had a lot of dental issues lately including an infection in my gums. I'm wondering if the two could be connected??? I still haven't quit taking the Florinef, too chicken. Am going to start on Monday. Going to try and go to church tomorrow, my nephew is being baptized and my two children are his godparents Hugs Sue
  2. Saw Dr. Grubb on Tuesday/26th of July First of all he looks awesome!! Almost back to his old self, a little on the frail side though (my opinion) He is seeing patients on Tuesday and Thursday, but of course that puts him way behind. My apt was at 1:00 I didn't see him til 5:00 !!! Definately bring something to do if you have an appointment!!! Plus they will page you if you want to visit the cafeteria or gift shop... Question, my blood pressure is climbing again, so we are going to be weaning off half my dosage of florinef. Am a little worried about side effects so looking to see if anyon
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