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  1. Dear Jan, I am so sorry to hear about Jeff. I will continue to pray for the two of you. Don't give up hope, as the doctors are not always right and there are miracles. Linda
  2. Morgan, I will be thinking of you and hopefully they will be able to help you and come up with some answers. This is so hard on all of you. I think of all of you all of the time and hope they come up with some positive treatments that will help all of you live "normal lives" soon. My best to you. Linda
  3. Mary, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I pray that your Dad recovers quickly. I know you will be with him to ease the loss of his wife. I hope your daughter starts to feel better very quickly. You are all in my thoughts. Linda
  4. Oh Morgan, I am so sorry to hear how sick you have been. I only can hope for you that the only way is up now for you. None of you deserve this syndrome! You are all so strong in your fight. Now that your doctor saw an episode, He will not ignore your symptoms and will find someone who can help you. Don't give up finding a doctor who can make a difference. Linda
  5. Jan, I am so elated to hear that Jeff seems to be fighting this hideous disease. I am sure everyone's prayers are helping along with the chemo. I think of you often and keep praying for the two of you. Linda
  6. Dear Dayna, you are not a mean person. It is so extremely hard to be chronically ill. You are not mad at your friend for getting better, but mad that you are not better. It is natural to feel sorry for yourself feeling as you do(ask anyone that is ill for so long). We all want life to be "normal" and when it isn't, it is hard to be happy for someone else. When we face the loss of a loved one, you look around and see people going on with their lives normally and wonder how. When we are hurting inside(either physically or mentally), it is hard and almost impossible to see things normally
  7. Sue, thank you for your post. Your niece and family have been in my prayers. I know she has a long road ahead, but she will do it for her family and herself. How hard this must be on your family. Linda
  8. Dear Sue, Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. What a horrible thing to happen to them! Please keep us posted on how they are doing. Linda
  9. Carmen, Please let us know how you make out with your little girl. How hard this must be for you. Nothing is as hard in life as having one of your children sick. My thoughts are with you. Linda
  10. Mary, I will pray for your family and wish there was more I could do to help you. You have so many tragedys to deal with now. Just know that everyone will be with you in their thoughts. Try to take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can. Linda
  11. Dear Diana, My niece has made almost a full recovery in the last two months. She was almost completely bedridden for 9 months(she was also pregnant). She had contacted salmenella D and was extremely sick. She still gets tired, but is also taking care of an infant and two young daughters. The Pots set in because of the salmenella. We were at her nephew's graduation party last week and she didn't sit down for hours. I felt such joy seeing her like this after what she had gone through. I would say that she has about made it out of POTS. A few months ago, she couldn't do anything. Now sh
  12. Dear Jan, You sound a little more upbeat today, and I know how hard that is. With everyone's prayers and support, the two of you will make it through this horrible ordeal. Will remember the two of you in my prayers tonight. Linda
  13. Dear Jan, You and Jeff have been in my thoughts and prayers. I will keep praying-miracles do happen! Jeff has a wonderful outlook from the sounds of your posting. That attitude may be as strong as the chemo treatments are. I think your suffering is as bad as his- he is your life. Take care of yourself during this hard period, enjoy each other and reach out for help wherever you can get it. Prayers and love to both of you. Linda
  14. I do not have pots, but have been on 25mg. of atenolol for about ten years.It is to control my tachachardia. I also have low blood pressure and it has lowered some, but not enough to bother me except in the heat. I do not wheeze with it and other than being a little more tired on it, I have not had any reactions to atenolol. My son is also on it and only has complained about being more tired than ususal. One good side effect is that it controls migraines. Both my son and I have not gotten any since on it. Now when I get a headache I can take ibupropen and it goes away immediately. I hop
  15. I am so glad that Alex is doing well at this time. What a scare this must have been for you. I am glad that your parents are close and can help. Take care of yourself and try to catch up on your rest.
  16. Jan, i am so sorry for all you are going through. I hope you are feeling better. You have to be exhausted and totally wiped out! I am glad that Jeff isn't suffering too much from the chemo. Take care of yourself so that you can help Jeff. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Linda
  17. Oh Jan, my heart goes out to the two of you. Drive safely tomorrow and keep as positive an outlook as you can. I hope Jeff does not react to the chemo and you can have a wonderful and long life together. Never give up hope! There is always hope. If the chemo irradicates the cancer, Jeff's chances for a full recovery are good. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Good night. Linda
  18. Amy, I would certainly get this checked out. My son had these for several years-from aspirin, heat and flying. They ran all sorts of tests on him, and found no underlying cause. Also a friend of mine's son had the same thing and also found nothing wrong. But-many things can cause them and should be seen by a doctor. Linda
  19. Thinking of you often and remembering you in my prayers. Please let us know how Jeff is and how you are. Linda
  20. Congratulations! Your Mom and Dad must have been so proud of you. You have accomplished so much for yourself and I am sure you will be able to achieve any dreams that you may have.
  21. Jan, the two of you have so many decisions to make and it is such a horrible time. I can only imagine how you must feel right now. If any of these people with the same type of cancer are now cancer free, I would see what worked for them.Never give up-use your best judgement and keep praying and asking for answers from you doctors. I agree-I would ask the doctors what they would do if it were them. You and Jeff are in my prayers everyday. Linda
  22. Katherine, I don't think I have POTS, but sometimes I do wonder. I am on for my niece. I have never discussed any of my symptoms with a doctor, except for the tachycardia. Hope you are feeling better each day and this isn't a pots hole. Linda
  23. Dear Katherine, I, too, have had all of the symptoms you have described, including groin pain. If i miss one dose of my atenolol(beta blocker) or am even a few hours late taking it, the tachycardia is out of control. I have extremely low blood pressure and had constant migraines until I went on atenolol. I often have episodes of lightheadedness and tired and weak. I pulled over last week driving because of this-afraid I may pass out. It passed in a minute and I drove home. I find my symptoms much worse in the hot weather and noticed this as early as my teens. I have never discussed thi
  24. Have someone teach you how to knit(if you don't already know how). you can make the fun fur scarfs in an evening or two. They are fun and everyone loves them. I learned how to knit last winter and between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I made 54 scarfs. You can use your imagination and mix colors. I found it very theraputic. When I got tired of scarfs, I started making afghans with just plain knitting. It is an inexpensive hobby. Linda
  25. Dear Jan, I will pray tomorrow night for Jeff and every night. I am so glas you spoke your mind to the doctor. He should have given you hope, because there is always hope and miracles. This is such a hard thing for both of you to go through. I know everyone on this site is with you through this hard time. Take any help you can get. You know you would do the same for your friends as they want to do for you. Loving prayers, Linda
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