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  1. my prayer and healing thoughts go to you and yours. please keep us posted. blackwolf
  2. thanks everyone! i'm glad to hear from so many of you. i'm waiting for a follow up mri on the 5th of January(yipee-not!) and an appointment that afternoon. will find out then if physical therapy is in my future or if i have to wait longer. i am ding most of my old stretches and light weighs again, but i find i am slower and have to spread it out over the day to get them all done. i'm having two new troubles that are going to change my mri from just the surgical area to including my neck. i'm having extra pain in my arms and extra swallowing trouble. my surgon is already on vacation, but hi
  3. just thought i would stop by and wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS! i'm sorry to be away so long but my recovery from surgary has been slow, one step forward and two back. i'm sure many of you know what i mean. it has been painful and difficult. i have developed new symptoms(difficulty swallowing is getting really bad) and have had to rest so much after the easiest things i used to take for granted. walking is better, most days, and i have less pain in my chest, though it is still there. I'm sorry so many of you are having so much trouble and i hope that over the holidays you get a break from sy
  4. i have terrible visual trouble whenever my symptoms are worse. it can get so bad that even my glasses are useless watching tv. i can't read or sew and i just have to listen to what is going on around me. sometimes it is a little scary, but it does end after a few hours. i drink tons of liduids and just rest till it ends. best of luck, blackwolf
  5. thanks everyone, been rather down lately as i have had some more trouble with my shoulder muscles(spasms mostly) and i am having a hard time getting going out and about again. i really miss even those short trips out. i have gone along and just sat in the car just to get out, but it still isn't the same. still hangin' on, blackwolf
  6. i have been "away" for so long and have a lot of catching up to do. i know it will take a long time for me to catch up on all the posts, but i will. recovery has been slow-as expected but had more surgary than planned. started with just the cyst at T4 but ended up with "fiberous removal" at T3 and T5. i ended up with a 8 1/2 inch cut instead of 3-4 inches. recovery has been slow but improving. i already have relief from chest pain and headaches. in the begining i was nearly completely paralized in the left leg, but as the swelling went down it has slowly come back. i have daily walking and ex
  7. as a constant source of support for me i return everything i can back. cyber hugs and kisses and prayers blackwolf
  8. i just thought to let you know that i am home and doing ok. surgery was good, pathology says no cancer(they checked everthough it was just a cyst). walking inproving alot, left leg was nearly non functional after surgery but much improved. only bad sideeffects have been loss of temp control-either too hot or too cold, some new trouble swallowing. only other bad thing was a "super spasm" that i had last nite and has kinds thru me off on what i can and can't do(breath, cough, move) you know the little things. it is getting better, but i have been allowed to up my pain meds in order to keep movin
  9. Surgery went fine they found only a cyst by her spinal cord. she is recovering well.
  10. thanks again everyone!!!! this will be my last post till i get back. starting with the jitters again, but not so bad. will miss all of you very much, even i don't post so much i read alot. miriam-boy am i looking forward to that. i have been just tolerating the pain for the last 2 weeks and i can't wait for some pain control, hope there isn't a big need for it after the first few days. again thanks everyone, will have hubby post and let you know what happens. blackwolf
  11. thank you all so much!!!! i am full of pre-surgery jitters, but with all of you there, i'm sure i'll be just fine blessings to us all blackwolf ps i have left my not-so-computer-literate hubby as to how to post, hope to have news on wed. or thurs.
  12. WOW!!!!!! great news and i hope you don't ahve to wait to start getting your help blackwolf
  13. i have tried several BB's and ended up on toprol. for some it helps for others it just isn't worth the trouble. i also have some breathing troubles. i wish i could help more but i only can say that i am a lab rat myself. have you tried Norpace? best of luck. blackwolf
  14. i can't say so much on light therapy, but i try to spend 20 minutes in the sun almost every day. we have a large south facing bay window, so it is really easy for me. as to "sleep shifting" i do it about once every 3 months. works for me, sosmetimes i go back, sometimes i have to go forward *does that make any sence* whatever. blackwolf
  15. i rarely get it but i do find i get it after being POTSY. mostly in my calves. i hope it gets better soon. blackwolf
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