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  1. Congratulations! I remember your name from at least four or five years back and knew you had wanted to have a baby. The shortness of breath is exactly how my POTS began several days after I had my first child. I didn't have the chest pressure so much; maybe a little. But I felt like I could barely breathe, and every test would come back normal. I would ask for an echocardiogram if you have not had one yet. I still am short of breath and have no idea how this relates to POTS for me and not for most of the others on this forum. Amy
  2. I take Klonopin and atenolol (up till 2 weeks ago, it was Toprol XL, but there's a drug shortage of that). I have not had problems. I would guess he is concerned because of your apnea -- maybe he thinks your nighttime heart rate may drop too low? Amy
  3. Usually, when people are just starting to become ill, blood pressure rises an average of 5 units higher both systolic and diastolic, and maybe that's what's making you feel better. After a couple days, your body is filled with inflammation, and your heart has to work harder to circulate blood through vessels that also become somewhat inflamed when you are ill. Plus, your organs and cells are working extra hard to rid your body of the virus, so that would make sense that heart rate would go up. For me, I get a higher heart rate at the onset of illness, and it stays until I am better. I always,
  4. So glad to hear you made it through and that you and your baby are OK! I had preeclampsia too, but that was before I developed POTS, then I developed POTS within days of that. Take care of yourself -- hopefully your husband took some time off or you have family nearby to help. Resting the first few weeks is very important. Amy
  5. I, too, was doing well on Toprol XL 25 mg/day. Darn the shortage! It sounds like it isn't going to be around anytime soon. When the cardiologist's office called me to tell me they would switch me to atenolol, I wasn't thrilled because I have been semi-stable the last several years. And since I have been atenolol the last two weeks, I have not been happy. I have more tachycardia, headaches, nausea, fatigue and a general yucky feeling. I sure hope I don't gain weight. Did you not gain the weight with Toprol but you did with atenolol? I was also offered carvedilol, which is a mixed beta-adrenergi
  6. I was diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder when I was 18. I did not develop POTS until I was nearly 27. I am sure that my body's genetic makeup is such that I am predisposed to both. I consider it a great accomplishment that I have not been in an ER, ambulance or urgent care clinic in the last four years, and it's mainly because I have learned to talk myself out of freaking out every time I get a POTS attack or symptom. I do take clonazepam on occasion to calm down. I do not consider myself dependent on it. However, it's nice to know it works a bit when I need it. I hate that my body respond
  7. I have the Mirena IUD and so far, so good. I think it does make me feel a bit bloated and carry a couple extra pounds in my stomach, but that could be me getting older, too. I have almost no periods and only very occasionally do I get PMS-like symptoms.
  8. I saw a naturopath who said I had adrenal "exhaustion." I took Standard Process's Drenamin supplement, which was basically cow adrenal glands all ground up in pill form. It smelled awful and did nothing for me. However, my mother-in-law takes it because she suddenly had high blood pressure, and she no longer has the high blood pressure. So I don't know, but thought I'd share that. It's a common "diagnosis" in the naturopathic and Chinese medicine fields. The question is, why are the adrenals exhausted? It doesn't get to the root of the problem.
  9. Hi everyone, I went to pick up my Rx refill of Toprol XL 25 mg, which I have been taking since my POTS began, and apparently there is a worldwide shortage of this drug. So my cardiologist called in atenolol 12.5 mg. I am wondering if anyone here has had their Rx replaced with atenolol and if so, did it seem to work the same? I am supposed to start taking it tomorrow.
  10. I have noticed that I go to bed feeling really cold, but in the morning, I now wake up all hot -- not sweating, but just really warm. I never used to be this way; it just started in the last few months. I seem to have trouble regulating my temperature and will be cold when I shouldn't and hot when I should be cold.
  11. Hi everyone new and those of you I recognize! I haven't been on for quite some time. I have been doing fairly well for the last couple years after having my second daughter in April '07. However, I seem to get worse the further I get away from pregnancy; I wish I could stay pregnant forever but not have any more children -- or labor pains! My kids are doing great, too. On Monday of this week, I went into the doctor for a physical. My tetanus expired, and I was told I needed a booster. I got it and later that night developed flu-like symptoms, along with a major worsening of my usual POTS sympt
  12. Hi Erika, I went off my meds for my second pregnancy (and didn't have POTS until after the first one). I was told a beta blocker would be OK in small doses (25 mg or less per day for metoprolol). However, I had a feeling I would do better with my heart rate and symptoms during the pregnancy, and I did do better, so I managed to survive without them. Sorry to hear about the GD diagnosis. I don't know if there's a connection, Katherine. GD is getting to be fairly common (I think the figure is about 5 percent or so of pregnancies, but I would suspect it's higher b/c some women don't get prenatal
  13. I have no idea what the future will hold for you, but I found that I at least felt emotionally better when I hit the acceptance phase (following a couple years of anger, grief and denial). I am still somewhat impaired but do most of the things healthy people do (exercise, work, have children, etc.). I might feel normal again someday, but I am not going to hold my breath. Try to focus on the positives of your current condition, and hope for better.
  14. Hi Katherine! I haven't be on for a while but thought I'd stop in, and this post caught my eye. I can't believe that POTS patients are recommended to have a C-section. Blood loss and blood volume changes are horrible enough after a vaginal delivery. I would rather have the tachy episodes 10 times than have a C. I went through my second labor with POTS with absolutely no problems. Of course, the next day, like clockwork, the tachycardia returned, even though it had been absent since being about five months pregnant. The postpartum period is always the worst for me, and as you know, when the wh
  15. Could be part of the hyperadrenergic POTS or could be the initial first year of a new illness. It took me about 18 months from diagnosis for my anxiety to tone down, and it still isn't great. I think you really have to nip the negative thoughts in the bud unless you want to establish a pattern for your autonomic system. The more you think negatively, your body remembers, and will start to react that way every time a new symptom emerges, every time you get sick, etc. Start thinking the opposite and distracting yourself, and see what happens. Amy
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