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Melissa Update (friday 8/24)

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Hello all!

Thank you for all your continued thoughts and prayers for Melissa (and your song Carmen!).

Melissa's mom left me a long message yesterday evening, and I am sorry I am not posting until now, but I was too wiped last night.

Here is what I know:

As of yesterday she had been fever-free for about 24 hours (which is always good!). Getting her fever-free is one of the big hurdles. So let's hope it's still sticking at this point.

It sounded from her mom's message that the pneumonia was really tough--and they drained quite a bit of fluid from her lungs which did help her to begin breathing easier.

She is happy with the medical care and the lead doctor on her case seems to be willing to fight to find the source of the sepsis--however, as she knows, and he knows, he may not be able to do this. But he's willing to try.

It sounded like the bacteria found in her lungs was the same one they have been finding in her gut?

Also, she is on lots of antibiotics and they are still running tests and cultures.

I think the past few days have been spent on the immediate crisis of stabalizing her--rather than any actual problem solving in terms of the sepsis.

The big news was that they were hoping, yesterday, that as soon as a bed became available in the step-down unit from ICU Melissa would be moved.

That's the news I have...I think Melissa is pretty weak and knocked out from the pneumonia and all else that is going on.

It's gonna be a long road, so keep the thoughts coming...

Later alligators (just don't eat Sunfishes!)


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Hang in there, you are in my thoughts and prayers...


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thank you for the update & sorry to hear you were so wiped yourself, I hope you have some better days now.

It is so good to hear that Melissa's fever has settled - I hope it stays away now. The fact that she is ready for a step-down bed is really encouraging. Here's sending lots and lots of best wishes and prayers for a contiuned smooth recovery. I'm glad that she is being looked after by a medical team that sound as though they are really "thinking outside the box" - I know the sepsis has been a reccurring problem but lets hope that they come up with some new ideas for preventing it.


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Just a quick little update on Melissa...

I don't really have and 'new' news, but Melissa's mom did shoot me a quick call this evening and we caught eachother in 'real time'...

I also need to say that whatever I post is filtered through Melissa's mom--and she said tonight that she messes up the medical stuff a lot so not to take it as hard fact! So, something I may have posted the other day could be off a bit! LOL!

Melissa is now in a step-down unit from ICU, but not a regular room.

The pneumonia has improved quite a bit--which was the biggest thing to get through immediately.

At this point, in terms of the sepsis--they're back in unchartered territory.

So, I don't know quite what all that means, except hoping that the abx do their job right now.

Thanks for your continued thoughts!

Oh, and all of you worrying about me??? No worries--worry about Melissa! I'm just pooped out from overdoing a bit, but nothing like what Melissa is fighting. Send all your sepsis-fighting battlers her way!

Love, Emily

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I am praying for you. I am so sorry to hear that you're back in the hospital.

Please take care,



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glad your moved to a step down unit! I hope that they can figure out what is creating the sepsis.. and that your home and in your own fishbowl sooner rather then later..

my thoghts and prayers are with you and your family...

much love and hugs


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Thanks all for your continued thoughts.

I was able to talk to Melissa on the phone yesterday and it was so great to hear her voice. Wow!

She is not on oxygen during the day now, but is at night. She's got a plethora of tubes, wires, and lines going in and out of her.

She is still in the step-down unit and receiving medical care that she is happy with.

The turnaround from near death to her being able to talk on the phone is remarkable, amazing and a gift from God that she is here with us.

What she goes through each time she goes into septic shock is beyond anything I can imagine and what she endures with such grace is beyond my imagination also...

Lots of love to you Melissa when you get to read this!

Love, Emily

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Thanks for letting us know how things are going, Emily. I'm glad you were able to talk to Melissa on the phone.

:rolleyes: Melissa, I'm thinking of you and praying for you. I loved reading the "Meet the Member" section in the recent DINET newsletter. Thank you for sharing with all of us a little more about yourself, your hope, courage, and joy.

Lots of love and hugs to you,


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Emily - thank you for the update. It is so good to hear that you were able to speak directly to Melissa herself rather than passing messages through her Mom.

Melissa - sending you all the best sort of get well wishes that can be crammed down an internet connection! Hope you are feeling a little better each day.


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