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  1. There is currently a debate about a relationship between POTS and anxiety disorders. As someone here pointed out, the Baker institute researchers contend that these two disorders are on the same spectrum. However, more studies are coming out against it than for it. In fact, it's been shown by other researchers that patients with POTS DO NOT have a higher prevalence of anxiety disorders than the general population and that POTS and panic disorders have different symptoms and can be distinguished. Obviously, some patients have both POTS and panic disorder, in the same way as some patients ha
  2. Doctor Guest,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for taking the time to get involved rather than just lurking!

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  3. The sensation of cold running down the leg can be a symptom of radiculopathy - a.k.a. sciatica. It is not related to dysautonomia or MS.
  4. Thank you for your nice comment.

  5. I also just want to welcome you to our forum. I am glad you are here and appreciate your contributions to our discussions!

  6. Hi Flop,

    Thank you for leaving a nice comment for me. I replied to your post about the wheelchair; I hope you do what's best for you. Good luck with your job training! I am positive that you will succeed!!!

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