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  1. for me its tingling..burning ..sensastion of foot falling asleep..
  2. ERNIE...have thought about you time to time and wondered how things were going... Hope they are doing ok
  3. ACYLcarnitine levels,acids,organci acids,COQ-10 wer all very low with me..or significantly reduced. That is what he based alot of it. I have NO know cause of dysutonomia..wsa completely healthy growing up, and let me tell you within WEEKS..i have gone from functioning decently with POTS to becoming quite incapacitated for my own standards. I described how I can use my muscles yet it feels as if no energy is there. I have peripheral neuropathy over 65% of my body..not just autonomic wise. TINGLING IN nose head,lips feet,hand etc. I also have a TTT that shows that I am not responding as I once
  4. Based on my enzymes reports..some other factors involved..physical limiations to this point. I have some bloodwork being sent probrbaly very similar to Rachel. A dr. I was seeing ebfore this specialist did the minimal bloodwork to see if it was a possiblity. ANd it was ..I have had the supplements for months. Just wasn't sure if he was 100%. I will have to get records to let you know what EXACTLY...he based it on adn some other bloodwork such as lactic acid?. I believe carnitine and COQ-10 levels were diminished if I am not mistaken.As for symptoms..I was functioning halfway decent with my PO
  5. Well I saw a mitochondrial dr. at Cleveland CLinic and based on bloodwork and findings I am told that I DO have mitochondrial disease..going along with my autonomic dysfunction. I had numerous bloodwork sent to GA. and will know which type and prognosis and such in a few weeks. He was a wonderful dr. It is alot to handle as there are a few on this board that also have it. I believe. WOW.. Belinda
  6. Well..first of all I havent been on in a while..mostly cause I ..like someone else had posted am trying to not focus so much on my illness in hopes that it makes me feel better. Not really the case. I have been a member here and kinda quiet that last few months. So hello to all you newbies.. I have been dealing with SEVERE fatigue since about late aug. and have not recovered from it. Kinda feels like I could collapse any moment and even laying in bed and after a nap I am fatigued. Arms and body just feel like the electrical impluses arent getting to them even though i can move them.ANd my head
  7. Rachel I am glad that they are getting to the bottom of some things for you:). I am thinking of you as your test results return. ~bee
  9. i can relate totally..have more symptoms with fatigue feelings..as I started out with more pOTS symptoms.
  10. YOUR IN MY THOUGHTS AMY... Belinda
  11. aww morgan what a load of cr**!!!I certainly hope for your sons and your sake that this stuff owrks out...but what a pain in the hiney...for you to have to go through all that again.. ~B
  12. melissa glad they are trying different routes to find the source..I HOPE things all go smoothly for the procedures. HUGS~Belinda
  13. Melissa I m glad to hear about the valves being clean...TG..~ As for the holding...time..I am thinking of you as everyone else... Hope they are giving you some sleep as much as the hospitals can...we all know how that goes. HUGS~B
  14. I was ablated for IST~and SVT~ had an AVNRT. I was fine for a few years then took a MAJOR plunge...I have been told to have never had the ablation but geesh 9 yrs. ago ..POTS didn't exist in my life..just some TACH. So who knew... I think there may be some info out there on it. But I believe it was a specialist that told me it may have made things worsen. WHo knows...
  15. DIZZ~ YOu know I am thinking of you~ Can' really tell you to hang in there cause thats all we really do sometimes...Just know I am here if you need me~Love ya my potsy friend.. Bumblina~
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