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Finally Home From Hospital


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i can't manage a more thorough post/update at this point but did want to let you all know that i did finally make it home late yesterday afternoon (after 10/11 days :huh: ). i'll write more when i'm able.

thanks so much for all of your thoughts & prayers & messages.

;) melissa

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Glad to hear that you are home! Enjoy getting some Z's in your own bed :)

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i just wanted to thank you all for your well-wishes & welcomes home. and for the birthday wishes & cards in the mail! the internet is great but i love snail mail :P i know i haven't done an update yet and it may be a bit before i can do a full one. i logged on to embark on it a few days ago and ended up replying to several other threads instead. oops. so i haven't forgotten but while it's great to be out of the hospital, physically i've declined significantly & with more home care folks coming in & out it's been pretty overwhelming. the acute illness (sepsis) is taken care of (finished up IV antibiotics monday) but the risidual is another story entirely. i'm just thankful that typing is more doable for me now as the first few days home my fingers really didn't want to cooperate.

pers et al, i unfortunately haven't been able to take a bath for years. i can only dream of bubble baths :blink: i've been a shower chair girl for ages (for the past year managing about once a week) but now am at a place where that isn't even manageable. five days after getting home (after 3+ weeks of nothing but bed-baths) i had a pseudo-shower but it was quite the ordeal and more than a little bit difficult. after much ado about even getting to the bathroom (crawling, having to lay down in the hallway for an hour before & after, etc.) my mom had to help me while i was lying down in the bath tub. talk about having to swallow my pride. ugh. but while it was tough in the moment (physically & otherwise) it was obviously wonderful to be cleaner after.

so i suppose that's a preview to the full update. i promise to write more eventually....

and while i'm not posting much, i am here reading now.

:o melissa

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Glad to see you are home! Hope each day helps you recover from this horrible ordeal. I am sending strength and thoughts and prayers, love and many hugs your way!!!

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