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    "Some people come into our lives and quickly go.<br />Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to<br />new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.<br />Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.<br />They stay in our lives for awhile,<br />leave footprints on our hearts,<br />and we are never ever the same."<br />~ Flavia Weedn<br />Thank you

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  1. Hi Everyone! i know it has been a longggg time since I posted but very bad time POTS wise lately. My question is 2fold, has anyone else tested high for Testerone? It is not hugely high but it is high enough to be odd. I am in menopause.I donut have any symptoms of the high level. Also all of a sudden my BP is high especially the diastolic, has anyone experienced this and have any explanations. I thought I had this POTS symptoms set down but apparently nope!😊 Any light or experiences you can shed would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I sooooooooooo hear what you are saying!! I got sick 2 months after I got married and all my friends got married after me or had the kids or have jobs or have and can do thingssssssss so many things I wanted to do and somedays it just makes me crazy! It is soooooo hard I know and I just wanted to say you are not alone! I just try and get through those times let myself mourn and eventually I will get back to my hope and day to day living. Hang in there! I hear you and sooooo soooooo understand! Sending you support!! Stacey
  3. This happens to me too and I was just diagnosed with Vasomotor rhinitis as well!
  4. Thank you all sooo much for your support! I really really appreciate it. I am still reeling from it but am getting better, amazing how something so mean can effect you...isn't it? I think that is a great idea that we should write the doctor, he probably won't ever see it but at least we could defend ourselves and maybe someone else will not get treated this way. Thanks again.
  5. Hey everyone! Have been around lurking but not up to posting much for awhile now. Sorry about that, I will try harder but I had to type this to people I know would understand . Like many of you I get the horrible headaches and for me the only thing that will stop them going on for 5 or 6 days is an injection of demerol and phenergan. I used to be able to call my PCP and he would then let me come in for an injection. But he retired so I went about a year or more surviving through them. Then last year we found a new pain management doctor who said that again if we called we could come and get an
  6. Hey everyone here is a smile for you I just happened to come across this palindrome that describes us when we are in a hole or crash or probably everyday! POTS NONSTOP
  7. Thank you all for your continued support!! Yeaa I have seen that movie it is exactlyyyyy how i feel! Thank you Morgan your words helped and Lina too!
  8. Sorry I was so long in responding I did not get any email telling me there were responses. Thank you alllll sooooooooo muchhhhhh!! Your support and more than that your understanding is so appreciated. I send you all so many hugs!! I am still so sad but am trying to cope with it best I can. I think I tend to just not think about it and then it all hits me... It is true that you think well this is going to go away, it has to but maybe maybe not and that is so hard isn't it. It was the first time my ob/gyn had seen me so she really did not understand that I am bed bound most days and cannot take
  9. Hey everyone! I have been reading but not up much to posting but today I felt I needed you all. People who would understand. Today I will have been ill for 12 years and each year that passes I say I cannot believe it has been this long. But this year it seems I realize just how much this illness has taken from me. I turned 40 last month and so had to go for my womens yearly check up and basically I was told I was running out of time. Which I knew and it has been something that has been weighing on my heart but not something I was ready to face. But I am running out of time and we had to have
  10. Yea ooops sorry (blush) I did look to see if someone else had posted it and totally missed it. I agree with all you said. And it seems over and over they say ooooh we have maybe found the cause of CFS or dysautonomia but then is the well we don;t have any treatments but this is a step in the right direction..yessssss but come on find a treatment!
  11. Just saw this online and it is being reported in many newspapers...maybe since may of us have dx of CFS as well maybe this research will lead a finding for dysautonomia It is sort of a long article so I just put in link. Virus Link To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/09/13/...in3260068.shtml Very interesting
  12. I am so sad to hear this! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.
  13. HI! I live in Titusville and I don't know of any doctor but there is one member who has been to one there in Orlando. I will try and find his name for you and maybe she will come on and see your post! And am in brain fog or i would say oh just ask.....but name has escaped me (sorry when you read this!) I will get back to you! if I can find the name! Ahaaaaaaaaaa I found it!!! His name is Dr. Snell. He is with Physician's Associates at Sand Lake. If you want the number you can pm me! She has gotten great treatment from him. Hope this helps Welcome to FL
  14. Linda, I thought i remembered you had been dxd with this too, I will def email you, thank you so much!! Corina, I miss you and thank you for responding. You are so right there are so many things that they say well we don't know why and then you have to go home and deal with it. It is very hard. I hope you are well and am thinking of you often. Much love and hugs!
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