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Thank You all so much, you made my day. I turned the big 50.

I didn't feel very good today. We went to quizino's and got subs and brought them home for supper.

My best friend Jill stopped tonight after work, she brought me a huge bag of gifts, scrapbooking stuff, lots of body lotions and candles, scrapbooking magazines, a years subscription to Oprah magazine, quizno gift certificates and chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! She is the best friend anyone could have. Neither of us has a mother anymore so she is like my mom too even though we're only 3 years apart in age. She calls me everyday. I would be lost without her.

I got alot phone calls and cards and even a couple of presents in the mail!

It was so nice to have all this attention for a day.

Thank you Katherine for starting this thread and to each of you for all your birthday wishes, you'll never know how much it meant.


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dawn -

sorry i'm late, but i still wanted to wish you a (belated) happy birthday. it sounds like you had a good day of celebrating you even though you weren't feeling the best. and yes...your friend sounds like a real keeper. (not to mention a good gift-giver :) ). but to have such a friend you've definitely been a good friend yourself too!

:o melissa

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