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  1. Mine always runs 80's, 90's when lying down. This has been all of my life. I finally bought an adjustable bed where the legs can be elevated and do this in the morning for a half hour before getting up. Helps with tachycardia when you get up.
  2. Been on it for 15 years. Take 10 mg 4 times daily. My understanding,it is the beta blocker of choice because it crosses the blood/brain barrier and helps with anxiety. Dawn
  3. When I was diagnosed it was by a 24 hr urine collection which showed elevated catecholemines in my urine. I have been on SSRI's twice, both times for a couple years. Prozac didn't seem to do much. But, effexor which is for serotin and norepinephrine worked well for a couple years. The second time I tried it the stomach distress caused me to quit taking it. Cymbalta a new SSRI is the one they are recommending now. I haven't tried it. I'm not on any SSRI now, haven't been for about 5 years. They help some people and others they don't. Maybe you could try a different one if Celexa doesn't
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