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Just When You Think, Things Will Not Get Any Worse!


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Well we found out today my son has to have surgery again. So please keep Blake in your thoughts and Prays. Blake is having a CT scan with dye, and sudation on the Dec.7, and Surgery on Dec. 18. They believe that the mass in his chest in 2004 caused the trachea in his chest to not grow right. They where hoping that, as he grew that so would it, or at least open up more but after today?s appointment, and test they are going to be sending him for surgery.

I feel so bad for him. He finally starts doing better after the last two surgeries in 04, as the cracked his ribs to remove the mass. I just want my son to have a normal life. Here he just turned 5.

I feel like if one thing happens I am going to lose it. In the last week, I was deained SSDI, told by my cardio doctor?s is he washing my hands of me, his nurse said I should of out grown this POTS thing my now, I am looking for a Cardio now, have no one for my pacemaker care, my PICC line is going to be pulled in two weeks unless someone picks up the orders. So I am going to lose the help the IV have made. I still need to have a another CT scan to see in the mass in my head is getting better, my son is now sick again, so I feel so bad for that. My mom is going to mayo later this month for a biopsy of her kidney as they are seeing if here cancer has spread. Then to top it all off I just found out my grandmother is also having surgery in three weeks.

I been getting really down about everything, but I know I have to stay strong for everyone. I know we will get though it. It?s just going to be so hard!

Please keep my family in your thought and prayers!


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hi amy,

i just wanted to say that my heart breaks for you and all that you are going through. life is tough, no doubt about that. dont deny the feelings you have towards the many situations you are facing in your life, but try to release every emotion you are feeling, good or bad, to someone, whether a counselor or friend or family member. you need to have a support system in place.

i completely understand the one sentence you said about "if one more thing happens i feel like i'm going to lose it". been there, just recently actually. keep fighting, sweetheart. we'll all be here to fight the battle with you. i'm all ears.

i pray and hope some encouragement and joy comes your way today and that the burdens would start to lift from your shoulders.

dont quit. you are loved, im sure, by many in your life. hold fast, help is on the way soon. i believe this for you.


take care,


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dearest amy -

i'm not going to say that i know "exactly how you feel" b/c i can't (and it drives me batty when people say that when it can't be true!) but i certainly can get the overwhelming nature of it seeming like nothing else can possibly go wrong.

without going into my own details at length, this unfortunately seems to be the norm rather than the exception in my family these days; significant health issues in multiple family members other than myself, lost jobs amongst the healthy people who actually can work, insurance issues, problems communicating with doctors (or worse having them say things that don't make sense at all), continually navigating the health care system, disability denial, losing my independence, emergent medical complications & scares, etc., etc. so while i can't "get" the specifics for you (just as others wouldn't be able to "get" them for me), i do "get it" at least a bit.

it's tough & it stinks (don't want to get myself edited by what i would really write here :) ) and it's not fair. but somehow you get through it - with tears & heartache & screams & some grey hairs perhaps - and keep on going.

lots of hugs & prayers & whatever else will help you get through & keep going,

B) melissa

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It's so scary when your precious child is sick. I will pray that God will hold him im the palm of His hand during this difficult time. And, you, Amy will be in God's other hand. Hang in there. We are all pulling for YOU.



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Amy, you sure have so much going on! I feel sad for Blake...but hopefully this will be the last surgery for him and he'll barely remember all this as he gets bigger.

Here's to a run of good things happening to you and your family! :) It's about darned time!! Nina

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I'm way behind on the board and missing posts right and left...but I think God just lead me to your post right now...b/c I saw that Blake had his surgery TODAY...and there are just 20 minutes left in TODAY...well, actually more than that as you are in Iowa.

So, if you are logging on at all in the next few days in between being with your little one, please check in and let us know how the surgery went...

You and your family are in my thoughts. I am sorry you are goign through all of this.


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