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Saw Neuro and Got a BIG surprise!!!!

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

I saw my neuro today because earlier this week I woke up in the middle of the night and was totally paralyzed from the waist down. I (of course) had attributed it to my migraines since that's what it's always from. Unfortunately, this time, I was wrong. He rushed me to an emergency CT (w/o

contrast since I am allergic). He really wanted me to get an MRI, but I am

extremely claustrophobic after previously being trapped in an MRI for 20

minutes MANY years ago in the pitch dark when the electricity went out. The

"emergency lights" didn't go on and the tech was new and didn't know where

the manual release button was!! I was terrified!! Talk about


Anyhow. He's fairly sure I may have MS. He also warned me if the CT has

any evidence of lesions that I immediately lose my Imitrex!! WAH! (one of

my lifelines) I'm probably going to be scheduled for a lumbar puncture and

a MRI in the near future. But, if they do the MRI, they have to completely

sedate me using IV in the hospital. They don't like to do that. But, it's

the only way they're going to get one. My dr was so sweet. He said I could

take 3 of my Klonopin and "that should take care of me". I said, "there's

no way you're getting me into the room with that machine while I'm

conscious". He said OK and said we'll start with a CT and go from there. I


Please pray for me. I really don't need anything else on my plate; however,

I suppose this dx may explain some things that have been going on... Thanks

for listening.

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I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. I will keep you in my prayers.

Since you are having a CT scan first, can you request the next test be the lumbar puncture? I say this since you are so afraid of the MRI because the lumbar if it comes back positive will give the definitive diagnosis and then there really wouldn't be a need for the MRI. Just a thought

Do you still have the paralyisis or did it go away or improve?

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I don't pray, but I will think positive thoughts on your behalf... there's a buddhist saying that "what you think upon grows". Here's to good things!


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Guest Julia59

Oh Mary---I hope it is not MS. From what I hear an LP is one of the best diagnostic tools for finding out about MS----along with an MRI.

I'm glad your doctor understands your situation and is allowing sedation to get you through it. A lot of people have the same problem. It is a pretty tight fit for those who are claustrophobic.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers......hang in there..

Julie :0)

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Hi Mary, I also am going to say a prayer for you...Hopefully you don't have MS and it's the POTS acting up. You don't need more stuff to deal with, POTS is def. enough! I am right there along with you being sedated for an MRI. Last time the docs gave me 1 valium that I "fought off" so I had to go back and take many many more valium, I ended up passing out right when I layed down on the MRI bed. Goodluck and keep us updated. Hope you feel better... :)


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mary -

i'm so sorry that you've been having such a rough week and that there is more testing to add to your schedule & more unknowns to be in limbo about. you will definitely be in my thoughts & prayers. do let us know how things go...

:) melissa

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I will be praying for you Mary. The ct won't show plaquing consistent with Ms, only an MRI will do that and they will do an MRI if the lumbar is positive to see where and how much demylentation there is.

I always get IV sedation for MRI's and find it to be wonderful! I just have a nap and then go on my way. I can barely get in elevators! Good luck and keep in touch to let us know what's going on! morgan

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I am so sorry for the fearful place you are in. I can NOT imagine being in MRI when power went off. I too avoid elevators at most costs. If you need MRI just do like Morgan and you want-_MAJOR SEDATION!!!

I am sending thoughts and prayers to you.

Take a deep breath, and tie a knot in the rope as you take the next swing of tests to see what's going on.

Take care of youself in the meantime and keep us posted


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I am praying for you. When you walk into the clinic say "God, I am expecting a good report."

I do this when I go for my appointments. It helps tremendously. Also when you are in the MRI machine, you are not alone. God is there. Ask him to send an angel to be with you in there if you are really afraid. When my faith is challenged my son Ben who is 24, always responds "When we are weak he is strong." Then I say that a few times and feel so much better.

Don't be aftaid to ask God for help, you are his child and he wants what is best for you.


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I will be praying for you, too. With the proper medication, the MRI will be just a good chance for some much needed rest!! You can get through it!!!

I hope, also, that you don't have MS. But, you have not been treated for MS at all, yet, so maybe some of these "POTS" symptoms will respond to the proper treatment. If you do have MS, will you PLEASE look into taking minocycline for it? It has been shown to REVERSE many MS brain changes and symptoms (you can google "monocycline nerve" for many interesting articles on the latest research in that area.). At a minimum, think of all of the friends, doctors and family members who never understood your POTS who could finally get a diagnosis they understand!

We are here for you. Many prayers coming your way.


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Whatever your cross

Whatever your pain

There will always be sunshine

After the rain

Perhaps you may stumble

Perhaps even fall

But God's always there

To help you through it all

Your in my thoughts and prayers, Nicole.

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