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  1. Was told that my High BP was due to hormonal changes while going through menopause. This is new to me as I have always had very low BP due to my POTS. Woke up today with a headache and took my BP. It’s ranging anywhere from 157/101 to high as 174/100. Called primary got nurse on call, after answering all her questions I got an appointment for tomorrow early am. This is all scary new territory for me. She said If it goes up to 180 or higher go to ER. Has anyone else gone through this? Kim
  2. My daughter has been having similar symptoms to some of mine and her primary ran blood work which seems to point to some connective tissue disorder. She was referred to a Rheumatologist who would not listen to her long enough to hear her concerns or listen to her describe her symtoms. She left nearly in tears. Please if anyone has a referral to what type Dr or who she can see who is a knowledgeable and caring physican it would be greatly appreciated. She has to go to the Cleveland Clinic or one of its satellites due to insurance. Thank you in advance!
  3. I have lived most of my life in Ohio, born in NC while my dad was in the service, grew up in Cleveland since about age 2?, moved to Parma (subburb of Cleveland) in 1993. I noticed the #'s of POTS in OH struck me funny. I was diagnosed by Fouad at CCF to, but am treated by Dr. Grubb. I bet more people have it we just live in an area where it is diagnosed and treatment more often. Probably where no one treats it it is not diagnosed?????? Just a thought. Another crazy thought is that have you noticed the # of lyme cases popping up here??? Maybe there's more to it??? When I got diagnosed Gr
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