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  1. Thanks everyone! I will try some of these suggestions.
  2. My daughter has been prescribed salt tablets, but she is not very good at swallowing pills. Can we dissolve these in water? Also, one of her main symptoms is stomach upset, so I am hesitant to even start the pills. Do any of you have any tips to keep the stomach upset at bay? Thank you!!
  3. I've had my vitamin B, iron, and vitamin D levels checked frequently for various reasons. My D runs about 20 if I am not supplementing. My iron runs low, but not enough to take an iron pill, and my B12 is always flagged as high - like 900-1100 range. What is weird, is that my 11 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with POTS has a B12 of around 1200.
  4. I've had POTS for more than half my life and I've only had pre syncope twice. The only reason I didn't faint was that I got myself down and my feet elevated. Both times, I was sitting down and my head felt really "wavy" or "floaty." After a few moments of those sensations, I got up out of my chair. Then, I had a warm/tingly feeling throughout my body - almost like a rush of something. I knew something was happening, but at this time, I had no idea what. I remember telling my husband, "Something is happening. Something is wrong." He told me to GET DOWN. So, luckily I was close to the c
  5. The anesthesia they use for colonoscopies is not as "hard core" as surgery anesthesia. I was worried about it also and expressed those concerns with my gastroenterologist. He said that I would be in a "twilight-like" anesthesia. I think if you have any problems it will be because you did not hydrate yourself after the "emptying" process. Remember to drink plenty of water or an approved electrolyte drink after you go through the cleanse. Also, the gastro might give you an IV bag after your procedure. I have many arrhythmias - pvcs, svt, non-sustained v-tach, and I did just fine. No probl
  6. what led to your diagnosis? Did you have symptoms and if so, what were they? Or, were you randomly diagnosed when seeing a doctor for something else, like pots?
  7. Thanks, Jan. Your post gives me hope that the Florinef will help her headaches and nausea! If she didn't have those two things, I think she would feel normal. She hasn't started her period yet, but is definitely going into puberty. I am hoping that this is why she has been feeling so yucky with the POTS symptoms, and that maybe when she gets over this puberty hump, that she will feel better.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts! I really appreciate this board to bounce ideas off of...I was kind of "thinking out loud" too. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO very grateful that he diagnosed her with POTS based on our overall observations instead of just the tilt test. I was nervous during the test because I was watching her numbers, and they weren't going high like at home. I was also surprised that it was only a 60 degree tilt for 10 minutes. Mine was 90 degrees for 30-40 minutes. I did not have her try a lot of hydration and salt before the test because I didn't want it to influence her numbers.
  9. Hi, I would like some opinions on my 11 year old daughter's tilt table test results. According to these numbers, I really don't see a POTS diagnosis, yet the Dr. states in the paragraph below that she has it. I know she has POTS because *I* have it, and I see much higher heart rates at home - sometimes 140's after standing for just 5 minutes. This was only a 60-degree head tilt, and it didn't last long so maybe that is why the numbers are lower than I expected. What I am surprised about is the doctor wants to put her on salt tablets and florinef. Based on the below results, I wonder why h
  10. This happens to me as well. I can't tell you how many times I've been to the ER for chest pain, dizziness, pain in my left arm, pain in my jaw. I always think I'm having a heart attack. I mean, those are the symptoms they tell you not to ignore. I do tend to ignore them now though. I still worry that I'm having a heart attack, but I don't go to the ER anymore. I've had countless holter monitors - 24 hour ones, 48 hour ones and one for 3 weeks. I've had a cardiac MRI, stress tests, stress echos, ekgs. All normal. I can't give you any answers, but I'm right there with you!
  11. Thank you all so much! She is growing a lot - maybe that is the cause.
  12. Well, we have an appointment later this afternoon but I know we won't get answers today - probably a cardio referral. Thank you for your replies. I'm less frantic about it today. I just have a feeling it's POTS and of course I blame myself.
  13. Two weeks ago, my 11 year old daughter was standing as I was straightening her hair. She kept blinking her eyes and said everything was fuzzy. I brushed it off as maybe the hair spray getting in her eyes. She then said her stomach hurt (her stomach seems to hurt a lot especially when standing too long) so I had her sit so I could finish her hair. About 3-4 minutes later, she said her eyes were fuzzy again, and I looked down and her face was pale and she had almost no color in her lips. Stupid, I know, but I quickly had her get up and guided her to my bed where I laid her down and put her
  14. I've had bouts of this that lasted for several weeks. My ENT even sent me for angiograpgy MRI to look at the blood vessels in my brain because apparently pulsating heartbeats in your ear can be serious. My MRI was fine and the pulsating eventually went away. I've had this happen 2-3 times and each time it lasted for weeks.
  15. Yes, that is low. Most people will feel bad at that reading. That said, I was 80/54 at my cardio appointment last week, and my doctor wasn't concerned at all. I normally feel a little "off" and can tell when my upper number is in the mid-80's. However, that day, I felt completly fine at that low reading. Usually, when I feel like my pressure is low, I drink a Propel and have a salty snack. I usually feel better within 20-30 minutes. I'm also on a low dose beta blocker.
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